Mrs. All American

Brittany Lynn is your average 18 year old girl, except she has a secret. One of Brittany's best friends is in the band 5SOS. He is the one and only Luke Hemmimgs. They haven't seen or talked to each other in 6 years. What happens when Brittany and Luke bump into each other? Will they remember what happened in the past or will they completely ignore each other? READ TO FIND OUT!!! :)



Hey guys! I'm really really sorry but I was typing up the chapter that I was supposed to update and then my phone died. The chapter I was typing was on notes and it didn't save. Now I'm trying to recreate the chapter which isn't going to well.

On a happier note I have 105 reads, 9 fans, and 2 favorites! Thank you to those who are reading and I am truly sorry.

I am also thinking about putting this movella on watt pad. If I do happen to do that I will let you know!

Goodbye for now.


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