Romero and Juliet

A girl thinks the popular boy in her school doesn't like her. But she might be mistaken..........


1. Prologue

Brownie what do you think about Romero?  I ask.  By dog barks.  Well your a dog, you shouldn't answer that.  I say.  I look at me piece of paper next to me.  I had drawn two stick figures one labeled Romeo and the other one labeled Juliet.  It just so happened that my dream boyfriend was name Romero, and mine Juliet.  I've liked him ever since we were little.  He is my next door neighbor.  He would always help me from the bullies in the neighborhood.  Oh I wish he liked me back.  But over the years, I have found he doesn't like me back.  What I do know is that a girl named Kensington Romeo's neighbor likes him.  Kensington is basically a Barbie doll.  She's beautiful, popular, you name it.  I always wished I was her, so I could get Romero to like me.  But I don't think it's possible.

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