England x Reader: The Second Representative

You are just a normal girl until you graduate from university. You ran to your home cheerfully to see the characters of your favourite anime show wandering in your home. Suddenly they ask you to help them get back home.

What will happen?
Is this fate or just a decision?
Find out in the book!!


3. England x Reader : The Second Representative.

Chapter 3 :


"She looks so pretty when she's asleep" England thought.

"OMG!! Dude your checking her out!!" America said while he arched up and eyebrow.

"NO I'M NOT YOU BLOODY GIT!!" Arthur shouted defending himself.

America looked at England which was blushing so hard that he almost looked like a tomato.

"Heheheheh," America chuckled to himself.

America walked away when he knew I was conscious.

"What.......YOUR LEAVING ME HERE!!!" England shouted to America but there was no response.

"Your so cute." England said as he turned around to me.

He started stroking my (h/c) hair and humming a tune that I know of but I cant put my finger on it.

I blushed and my eyes fluttered open. England fell on the floor with eyes wide and red pinkish cheeks.

"I....I...I'm so sorry I'll be leaving now," He said as he stood up and dusted himself of.

"Does this mean he likes me?" I said smiling.

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