England x Reader: The Second Representative

You are just a normal girl until you graduate from university. You ran to your home cheerfully to see the characters of your favourite anime show wandering in your home. Suddenly they ask you to help them get back home.

What will happen?
Is this fate or just a decision?
Find out in the book!!


2. England x Reader : The Second Representative.

Chapter 2 :

The Hetalia Cast.

"Nooooooooooo!" I screamed trying to shake that horrible feeling off. "England why?" I looked at the time and scurried downstairs to make my breakfast.

"Mom I'm going to get groceries ok!" ~ No Response ~ I sighed trying to become cheerful again. I ran outside feeling the freshly made air.

I ran to the grocery store grabbing and paying all the food. I ran to my house cheerfully trying to catch a breeze. Suddenly, about eight boys were standing there eyes wide. (omg about eight!!! >~<)

"Excuse me ma'am but I was just wondering, do you live here?!" A blonde green eyed Brit asked me with a calm face.

"Wha... wha.... WHAT!!" I said with a really surprised face."You guys are from He... He..... Hetalia!" I said loudly with my face in a what the fuck form.

"Oh, I'm sorry if we scared you but how do we get back home??" A man with a brown WWI bomber jacket asked like he was the boss of the whole group. (duh!! HERO!!)

Just then, my eyes were turning glassy and everything became blurry. After all the weird vision things everything blacked out.


I'm sooooooo sorry if you didn't like this chapter but it's still my first time so can you give me tips on how to make my stories better thanks and thanks!!!!!

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