Half a Heart.

When Annie (short for Anniston.) was young, she grew up with a boy named Niall. They were inseparable. Or so she thought. Niall gets an opportunity of a lifetime and leaves Anniston behind. It's a little over 4 years later and he has came back to see her and his family. Niall gets heartbreaking news that her parents passed away and she moved to the outskirts of London. Niall broke all his promises.. Will she forgive him? Find out here in: "Half a Heart."


3. Drama


My phone beeps and I look down. It's a new message from 'Niallerr😘'... He must have put his number in my phone. I reach and take it, opening the message. 'Tell him that you already have plans that you forgot about. I'm taking you out. Your my Bestfriend.'

"Actually, I forgot... I do have plans and I was just reminded. I'm sorry, but Mabey another time?" I smile. He nods his head. "Eh, it's getting late. We better be heading home." Liam sighs. "Thank you for everything and I hope we can do this again." Zayn grins at me. He's actually really attractive. Wow. "Here, let's all exchange numbers to keep in touch?" I hand out my phone and grab all 3 of theirs. I start with Harry's. My contact is: 'Annnniee😜'. In Zayn's it's 'Anniston😘✨' and in Liam's it's 'Anniebear😋'. I'm so creative. I hand them back and thank them. Niall is the last at the door. "Uhh. I was actually wondering.... Can we have a uh. A-a sleepover like we used to? I mean if that's okay and everything..." He nervously trails off. "Sure! Just go grab anything you might need and come back, I'm going to take a quick shower, so just text me and come in." I smile and he agrees and leaves. I'm gonna have a talk with this boy. He may think I'm not mad but honestly I'm quite upset. He can't just forget about me and expect me to just give in to his apologies. Not happening. Sorry. I take a quick shower and Niall texted saying he will be over in a second. I change into a cute teal Aeropostale hoodie and black yoga shorts. I leave my medium length reddish brown hair in its natural curly state. I walk into my den and see Niall with popcorn and all of the hangover movies. Yay!! My favorite.!

"He-" he stops dead sentence and looks me up and down. Honestly, it kinda creeps me out. Niall isn't anything more than a friend to me. I kinda wanna get to know Zayn. I heard he and Perrie split. (An: I live zerrie! No hate please! I just need them broke up for this.) "Earth to Niall?" I wave my hand in front of his face and take the popcorn. "Oh.. Uh.. I'm sorry. I just.- I- .." He goes silent. "Niall it's fine. But I do wanna talk to you..." I run my fingers through my hair and sigh. "Okay? What about Annieboo?" He smiles and presses play on the movie. "I want you to know that I'm not mad, but I am still upset with you." I look at him and he looks hurt. Serves him right. "Why? I thought we were good?" I laugh sarcastically. "Yeah. Totally. You promised to never forget me. You never called or replied to my tweets and comments on Insta. That's bull. You PROMISED Niall." My temper isn't the best. But me being Scott-Irish doesn't help any. "I told you, I got caught up in the moment. I'm sorry!" He begins to yell. "So that makes it okay? 'Im sorry?' Okay, well how about this, you broke me Niall. Something that won't ever change. Even your mother tried to contact you for me. I was always over at her house instead of with my aunt. You would talk to her but never bothered with me. Even one time, your mum asked if you wanted to speak with me and you didn't know who I was. That's sad." I yell back. Who the hell does he think he is?! "Sorry is the only thing I can say Anniston. I don't know what else to say." He looks at me with no emotion. "You could at least mean it." He looks confused. "I do mean my apology. I AM sorry for hurting you. When I left, I did think of you. Constantly." He sighs and stands up and grabs all his stuff. "Just remember Niall, I was there for you. Through everything. I had so many fan accounts, just to help and to be able to tell you I loved you with all my heart.!" I shout and sink in the couch. "You... You love me?" He shockingly asks. "Loved. With an Ed on the end." I turn away and he picks up his stuff. "When your done with your shit, I'll try to be your friend again." He says and walks out in the hall towards his flat. "When I'm done with my shit? What the actual hell is wrong with you? Do you hear yourself? I was always there for you. Always supporting you, while you forgot all about me. Remember your promise? Cause I sure do. .'if I become famous, I'll never forget about you. Promise? Promise.' I re-said it to him. By now, the rest of the lads were in the hall over our screaming. "Yes I remember. And all I can say is I'm sorry. Okay?" He scoffs and goes in his flat. Wth? "Are you okay Anniston?" Zayn walks up and rubs his hand on my back. "The fame has got to him. That's not my Nialler. He dosent even mean his apology. I can tell." I sobb into his chest. He's shirtless so I'm getting my tears all over him. Liam and Louis go to check on Niall and Harry goes back to sleep. "Here, turn everything off for the night." He smiles. "W-why?" I sniffle and turn off most of everything. Just not a few lights. "Cause your gonna sleep at my place. And we are gonna watch movies and get your mind off Niall. Okay?" He says while hugging me. "Okay." I slightly smile at him.

Well.. Tonight was eventful.....

So, what do you guys think?(; Niall is always a good guy, so I wanted to make Bradford's bad boi a softie.(: ☺️ This does have a romance theme but will also teach some lessons along the way. #vote #comment #likeeeee 😘😘😘

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