Gotta Be You




This chapter is also dedicated to Becca (@books and music) who has been bugging me for another chapter since I updated about 50 minutes ago.

Love ya-Sara😘

Gabby's POV

The next morning I woke up in Louis's bed. I got up carefully trying not to wake up Louis. When I got downstairs in the kitchen and Harry, Niall, and Zayn were throwing food at each other. There was food EVERYWHERE!!! And when I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE!!!

"STOP THROWING FOOD" I yelled at them.

"NEVER" they yelled back. Then they threw food at me.

That's it I thought to myself. And I bent down picked up some food and threw it at them. After about 5 minutes Liam came down and was like " A FOOD FIGHT GUYS! REALLY?!?!"

He finally got us to stop throwing food and we just fell on the floor and we were rolling around in the food on the ground laughing.

Then Louis came in and just stared and stared at us like oh god.

"What happened here" he said

"They had a food fight"Liam answered.

Thats when Harry threw some food at Liam and said "Oh stop being such a party pooper." We all started laughing and that started another bigger food fight with everybody even Liam.

Let's just say that food fight lasted for another 20 minutes and we had a HUGE mess to clean up!!!


There Becca I published another chapter for you!!!

Love ya-Sara😘

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