Gotta Be You


2. Dinner

Gabby's POV

When I got to the restaurant with my parents we got our table really fast. Then like 5 minutes later my grandparents had arrived (btw that's  the reason we are in California). After we had gotten our food I ate a bit but then my stomach was hurting, so I went to the bathroom and I realized that I had started my period. So I went back out to the table and told my mom I wasn't feeling well and that I was going to take a cab back to the hotel.

"ok sweetie stay safe." she said.

"I will don't  worry" I said walking away.

When I got a taxi I asked if he could take me to the pharmacy and then back to the hotel. So he dropped me off at the pharmacy and waited for me in the parking lot. When I came back out he took me back to the hotel. When we were there I paid the taxi driver and went inside and up to my room. As I walked to my room on the 5th floor I noticed someone who looked familiar across from my room.

"Louis?" I asked.

"oh hey Gabby" he said back.

"Well isn't that crazy how we meet and the beach, end up at the same hotel and on the same floor?" I said.

"Yep, what a coincidence" he said.

"ok well I'll see you tomorrow, bye!" I said.

"ok bye" he said as I went into my room.

When I went into my room, I went to the bathroom and changed my clothes and took care of all the period business. Then I was tired and feel asleep thinking about Louis. I was also hoping that we were going somewhere that didn't involve being in water because of you know special week stuff.


Hope you liked this chapter. Plz comment, fave, and like. Thanks sorry I didn't update sooner it was a busy day for me but at least I got to update this today like I promised. Well bye.

Love Sara


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