Gotta Be You


4. A date or just hanging out?

Gabby's POV

I woke to my alarm going off and got up right away remembering the thing with Louis. So is this a date or not??? When I got up I quickly showered and got ready for the thing with Louis.

I wore this:

minus the scarf because it was so hot



When I was done I went down stairs at exactly 12:05pm oops 5minutes late hope Louis doesn't mind.

Louis POV

I went down stairs to the lobby at like 11:50pm I was all ready and had nothing better to do. Niall was in the dining room eating, Zayn was fixing his hair, Liam went down to the beach to surf, and Harry was asleep. It was 5 minutes past 12 and I started to worry that she wouldn't come. Then when I took my phone out I thought I would text her to see if she was ready then but before I pressed send she tapped me and said she was sorry for being late.

"I'm so sorry for being late, I didn't realize the time." she apologized

"Oh no problem love" I said.

"Are you sure its all right?" she said a bit worried.

"Of course" I reassured her.

After we left the hotel we started walking down the sidewalk just talking.

Where should we go to lunch at, because I'm starving?" she said reminding me a bit of Niall.

"Um..... well...... yesterday me and the boys found this one really good place on the beach, we could go there?" I suggested.

"Uh... sure..... that sound great." She said happily.

Gabby's POV

We got to the little restaurant and we got our seats pretty quickly and when we ordered I got a turkey sandwich with avocado and a little bowl of fruit while Louis got....... uh never mind I wasn't paying attention to that part. While we where waiting for our food a couple of girls walked up to Louis asking for his autograph after he was done I looked at him confused.

"Are you ok?" Louis asked me concerned.

"Oh Ya, just wondering what that was all about?"

"oh ya I forgot to tell you! I'm in a band called one Direction!"

wait a sec, did he just say One Direction?

"wait did you just say One Direction?"


"Did you guys meet on the X-Factor? And is there A Zayn in your band as in a Zayn Malik?" I asked very impatient.

"Yea why?" he asked cautiously.

"OMG, Zayn was my best friend before he auditioned for the X-Factor."
"Oh really? That's so cool."

"I need to ask you something?"

"OK! what is it?"

"Is this A date?" I asked nervously.

He started to think for Awhile. Then he finally said "yes I think it is!"

Yes it is A date!


So I might be publishing more than 1 chapter today just because I feel like it and I'm supposed to be doing my hw but I just don't want to right now so ya. Ok well I'm going to go write another chapter now so bye. And plz like, comment, and favorite.

Thanks, love ya-Sara


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