Just a Crush

Kayla Anderson is a normal 13 year old girl, until she meets Hayes Grier. Will she tell Hayes would she feels? Or will she say, 'It's just a crush'


10. Chapter Nine ~ What?!

Kayla's P.O.V

I wake up to my annoying alarm clock. I hit my alarm clock, I stand up and walk to my closet, and pick out a pair of jeans and and a black hoodie. I walk to the bathroom and brush hair and teeth.

I walk down stairs and see Brendan eating blueberries. "Come let's go." I say grabbing my coat and boots and start putting them on. "Come and eat first." He says throwing a blueberry at my head.

I turn. "Don't do that!" I tell him. "Now get your stuff on and let's go." He frown and starts putting on his stuff.

I put on my beanie. "Let's go." I put my bag on my back and start walking out.

We start walking to the school in the snow. "I'm cold!" (A/N: I live in Canada so it really cold in the winter and there's too much snow.)

We finally get to school we both walked in.

I brush off all the snow. "See you after." I tell Brendan. I walk to my locker and wait for Hayes to come by.

I wait for five minutes and I decide to text him.

To: Hayess🍕😘

Where are you? I'm waiting at my locker

A few seconds later my phone rings.

From: Hayess🍕😘

I'm sick and my mom didn't let me go to school.. Sorry

I frown, Hayes is really my only friend in the school, no one really likes me, damn, I should make more friends.

I start texting.

To: Hayess🍕😘

It's okay, get better! I'll-

Someone grabbed my phone. I look up and see.. The bullies. The 'leader' Luke starts reading the texts.

"C'mon just give me my phone!" I try to grab it away.

Him, being taller then me he just moves the phone up. "What are you going to do?" He asks.

What am I going to do? I can't do anything... "Luke just give me my phone!" I yell.

"Give her the phone you jerk!" I hear someone say. I look over and see two girls and boys standing there.

"Yeah! Just give it back!" The one guy says.

He drops my phone and I quickly catch it. They all start walking away. I look at them and smile.

"Thanks." I thank them.

"No problem! I'm Aaliyah." A girl with dark brown hair.

"I'm Lexi." The other girl with light brown hair

"I'm Troye." A boy with light brown hair said.

"You know me, James." He also had brown hair.

What's with the brown hair..?

"Nice meet you all I'm-" they interrupt me and all say at once.


"Hayes doesn't shut up about you." Troye says. I feel my cheeks get warm.

I smile. "Really?" I ask.

"It's annoying." Lexi chimes in.

"I should go to class." I open my locker and something falls out. I pick it up and grab my books. I close my locker and lock it.

I start walking away and see Aaliyah and Lexi both side by side of me. "We all think Hayes likes you." Aaliyah says. "But you didn't hear it from us."

I smile. "Really?! I mean.. Really?"

"You like him don't you?!" Lexi whisper shouts.

I look down and blush not saying anything.

"We won't tell anyone anything." Lexi whispers.

We all walk to our classes after that.

*Skipping school bc that's boring af let's be real*

I'm walking to Hayes' house to see if he's alright.

I walk up to the door and knock, Hayes opens the door with a blanket around him, he smiles. "Next time just walk in."

I step inside. "So I met your friends today." I tell him.

"Whatever they told you isn't true!" He yells, sitting on the couch.

I laugh. "They didn't say anything bad." I walk to the couch and sit beside him, putting my head on his shoulder.

"HAYLA IS REAL!" I hear a bunch of people yell.

I sit up and look back. I see Nash, Cameron, Matt, Aaron, Jacob, Jack, Jack, Taylor, Shawn, Brent, Carter, and Sam, standing behind us. I roll my eyes. "Shut up!" I yell at them.

They all laugh at us and start walking to back Nash's room.

I see Elizabeth walk out. "Are you feeling anything better honey?" She asks Hayes.

"Not really..." He says.

"If you don't feel any better I don't want you going to Magcon with your brother." She says walking away.




If you don't know what magcon is, it's a tour that famous vinesrs go on, look it up. And this isn't edited so don't correct me, and some part maybe not make sense. Anyways, peace✌️

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