Just a Crush

Kayla Anderson is a normal 13 year old girl, until she meets Hayes Grier. Will she tell Hayes would she feels? Or will she say, 'It's just a crush'


4. Chapter Four ~ Why?

Kayla's P.O.V

I felt so bad for Brendan, he doesn't deserve this. I rap my arms around his neck petting his soft hair. "It's okay Brendan." I say trying so hard not to whimper. I start walking him to his room. I lay him down as I help him take off his shirt. I start playing with his hair as he cries. "It's okay just go to sleep." I say softly, I fight back my tears. One tear drops down as he falls asleep. He asleep, I kiss his forehead. "I love you." I mumble as I walk out turning off the light.

I walk to the bathroom, I pick up at razor and put it up to my wrist. I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it. I drop it, I can't. I walk to my room and lay down on my bed. I close my eyes and go to sleep, like it was nothing.

*The Next Morning*

I wake up to my stupid alarm. I sit up, and walk to washroom and take a quick five minute shower. I get out and changed. I run down stairs and see Brendan eating. "C'mon! Hurry we're gonna be late!" I rush him. "Where's mom?" I ask. "Uh, at work." He says. "She's always at work.." I mumble. And it's true, she's never home.

I put on my shoes and so does Brendan. We run out to the garage, we grab our pennyboards and start going as fast as we can. We get to school and we both ride into them into school. I stop at my locker, I open my locker and grab my stuff. "That was awesome!" I turn around and hit my head off of the locker door. "Ow!" I shout. "Are you okay!?" The person says. "Yeah I'm fine." I rub my head and I look at him. "I'm James." I smile. "I'm Kayla."

Hayes' P.O.V

I started walking to Kayla's locker, and see her and.. James? I walk up to them. "Hey Kayla and James." She looks at me. "I was just leaving sorry I don't wanna be late." She starts walking away. "Way to be a cockblock.." He says. "She's super hot." My jaw drops. "What the hell?" I yell. "What's your problem?" He says laughing. "My problem is the your flirting with..." I stop. "Never mind." He look at me and laughs. "It's just a crush Hayes, calm down." I walk straight to class. I thought he was my bestfriend?

*End Of The Day*

I see Kayla walking out the door with her brother. I grab my pennyboard and run. "Kayla!" I shout. She turns around. "Hayes!" She mocks me. I laugh. "Do wanna come over?" I ask and look at her brother. "Cam is coming to get me. Brendan do you want to come?" I ask. "I'll go." She says. "No I have homework." He says. I knew that was a lie. "Do you want a ride home?" I ask. "Okay.." He says.

We wait for Cam, he puts up. We get up and I hear a girl scream. "Oh my god it's Cameron Dallas!" Oh shit. I grab Kayla's arm and run to the car, We all get in. Cam presses the pedal to the medal. "Can you drop my..." I look at Brendan. "My friend off at his house?" I ask. "No problem." He says. I show him where the house is. We get there and drop Brendan off. Before we drive off. "I like your hair!" Cam yells and he drives off. I roll my eyes.

We get to my house. I hear loud music and lots of people outside drinking. "What the hell Cam?" I say. "What? It's your first party." I look at Kayla. "We're only 14?" I say "I lost my virginity at 14." He says back as he get out of the car. I feel my cheeks get warm. I unbuckle my belt and so does Kayla. We walk into the house it's packed. I look around. "Let's go to my room." I grab her hand and drag her through the crowd of people.

I feel someone grab my shoulder. I turn around and see Nash as we were going up stairs. "Where are you going?" He says. "To my room." I simply answer. "Not with a girl, your staying down here." He says. "No, I'm not staying down here with you shit-faced 'friends'" I yell. "And no, I'm only 14 I'm not going to have sex because I have more respect for her, then you probably have for Brooke!" I storm up stairs with Kayla. I open my door and see you people making out. They look at us. "Out." I say. They walk out the door. "Let's just watch Netflix?" I ask shutting the door.

Kayla's P.O.V

Wow did Hayes just say that to his own brother? I walk to his bed. "Netflix sounds great." I smile. He grabs his laptop. He lays down beside me. He puts on Kick-Ass. We get half through the movie and he pauses it. "Kayla?" He asks. "Yeah?" I ask. "Say away from James." Why would he say that? "Why?" I ask. "Just please. Stay away from him okay?" I look at him. "Okay."

He plays the movie. And we watch it until the end. It was only 5:00. "I'm hungry." I complain. "I'll go get candy and chips? I can't cook anything." He says laughing. "Okay sure." I smile as he walks out. I wait for him about a half hour. Where is he? I walk down stairs and start looking for him. I find Matt. I tap his arm. "Do you know where Hayes is?" I ask him. He turns around, I know he drunk. "Who are you?" I asks. "I'm Kayla, Hayes' friend." I say over the loud music. "I don't know where he is. Sorry." He turns around. I walk around and see Hayes with a bunch of older girls around him. "My friend is waiting for me in my room, I have to go." I hear him say. "But your so cute!" I hear one of them say. "Hayes?" I yell. They all look at me. "Thanks god!" He pushes through them and he pushes to hard and falls on me. "Sorry." He gets up and helps me up.

He starts walking with me up stairs. "Sorry they kept me there and I tired to get out but I couldn't." He says all in one breathe. I laugh. "It's okay." He walk into his room and sit on the floor and start eating. Soon enough I was full of chips and candy. "Hayes, I don't feel so good." He laughs at me. "It's not funny." I pout. "Sorry" he says grabbing my hand onto his bed. I lay down, he starts playing with my hair. I love that. I close my eyes. I feel my eyes get heavy.

It feels like five minutes when Hayes wakes me up. "It's 8:30 Kayla I'll walk you home." Already? I rub my eyes. "Okay thanks." I walk down stairs with him. We grab our pennyboards and start riding it to my house. I hop off the board and grab it. We walk to the door. "Thanks." I say, he smiles I hug him, he hugs back. "See you tomorrow." He says. I start walking inside. I hear the shower running, Brendan must be in there. I run up stairs and knock on the door. "Brendan!" I yell, no answer. "Brendan!" I yell again, no answer. "I'm coming in!" I yell, no answer. I walk in the door I look at Brendan. My heart stops, I start screaming and crying. "Brendan! Why?"

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