Just a Crush

Kayla Anderson is a normal 13 year old girl, until she meets Hayes Grier. Will she tell Hayes would she feels? Or will she say, 'It's just a crush'


5. Chapter Five ~ Don't Leave Me

Hayes' P.O.V

I hear Kayla screaming I hesitated to go in. "Brendan! Why?" She screamed. I knew she needed help. But I finally ran inside and up stairs to the washroom. I look at Kayla then Brendan. I was so shocked to see what was in front of my eyes. I see Kayla crying.

The cuts were so deep in his wrists, the place looked like a murder scene. I hear someone come up behind me. I look over and see Hayes pull out his phone and dialling a number. "My friends brother, I think he may have tried to kill himself.." He says.

I look at Brendan. "Please don't go, I love you, and your the only person I have left." I held Brendan in my arms. I knew I was bloody, I didn't care, I just didn't want my brother, my best friend to die.

I see the paramedics take him away and rush to the ambulance. Me and Hayes rush with them going into the ambulance. I sat beside Brendan, hoping and praying that he doesn't die.

We finally get to the hospital they run into the hospital. "It should have been me." I say to Hayes. "Don't say that..." He says. "That should have been me dying! I made him do this!" I yell at him. "It's okay Kayla.." He whispers. "I found this.." He hands me a note,

'Dear mom and Kayla, the guys at our school are right, I'm dumb, worthless, fat, and ugly. I think it's father son time for me and dad now. I love you both, and see you in heaven ~ Brendan.'

I start crying. I start to feel dizzy. Everything's black.

"Kayla! Wake up! Kayla!" Someone shook me. I open my eyes, it was Hayes. I slowly get up and he helps me. "It should have been me.." I mumble. "Shh Kayla it's okay.." He says and walks me into the hospital.

"Brendan Anderson.." He says. "Room 209" she says. He help me walk to the room. I look at Brendan's patched up arms and his pale, lifeless body. My mom sat there crying..

Hayes' P.O.V

Kayla's mom tried to make us go home after being there for hours. I'm not going to leave Kayla here. We both stayed and she left. I watch Kayla watch Brendan. She fell asleep holding his hand. I stared at her she's so perfect, beautiful, funny, nice...

'Its just a crush Hayes, calm down!' James words rung through my head. "It's just a crush..." I mumbled before my eyes got heavy and I fell into a deep sleep.

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