Imagine yourself being kidnapped by the one and only One Direction. Well for some of you it would be great living with 5 super HOT GUY'S!!!!!!!!! But once you know there dirty little secret you will be terrified to death. This is a book bases on One Direction. Will someone find there mate? To find out more, please read this book, thank you.


10. The Parents

We are currently walking to the Castles grounds. Im so freaking nervous I'm litter all shaking! Im guessing Niall noticed and wrapped his arm around me and said in my ear "everything will be alright, trust me" 

"ok" i said and we finally got to these massive steps that lead to the entrance of the castle. The steps we huge! 

The guards opened the doors for all of us and bowed their heads. This is so cool i fill so royal like. We walked down a hallway that was very but must i say very long and it finally lead to 2 massive doors. A guard opened the door and there they were! i nearly wet myself of how scared i was even the look on the mans face scared me.

​"don't worry they will love you so much" Niall said as he tightened his grip on my shoulders.

"ok i won't try to be that scared" i said while looking straight forward. We walked all the way towards the steps to the chairs they sat on. I looked up at them and they were looking at me. I looked at the mom and she had Blonde hair and at the tips it  was turning into a brown color. The dad's hair was brown and he looked like he could snap me into to a million pieces. 

"Hello how are you darling?" said the mother.

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