Imagine yourself being kidnapped by the one and only One Direction. Well for some of you it would be great living with 5 super HOT GUY'S!!!!!!!!! But once you know there dirty little secret you will be terrified to death. This is a book bases on One Direction. Will someone find there mate? To find out more, please read this book, thank you.


1. The Big Win!!

Hi, my name is August I'm 18. I have a sister named Ireland  she is 18 too, our parents are lawyers so we are kinda of Rich i would not want to brag if that is at all, i'm not that kind of girl unlike my sister she is a total bragger for some reason. Every body thinks we are really the total opposite, but we really aren't. We love Italian food, the same band One Direction, who do not like them, well lets see my dad he thinks they are ugly and weird and don't know how to sing, let me tell you typical father. We also started liking 5 Seconds of Summer. Well enough of me and my life, let me tell you what is happening right now. Me and my sister are currently sitting in my room on the floor with the phone on speaker. We are trying to win One Direction tickets, since i told you my parents are lawyers you think they are kinda of rich enough to buy us front row tickets, well you thought wrong we have to try to find a way of baying them. "Do you think we will win?" asked Ireland "umm... maybe, we may win" is said, we heard on the radio that they were giving out free tickets to the One Direction ticket so we instantly got our phones to call them. "Okay do you want to call them or do you want me too?" asked october "You can if you want" "Fine" she called the number and they picket up "Hi my name is Ireland and i was calling to win the One Direction tickets did i win?" "Hi October, you did not win, i'm sorry but you won 2 front row tickets and backstage passes to the One Direction Concert, how do you fill?" "I fill awesome, me and my sister are so exited" i slowly registered everything and screamed my lungs out. "I see you're sister is super exited too the whole station heard her." Ireland  laughed i playfully slapped her arm. "well you girls can come down to the station today and get your tickets, how does that sound?" "great see you then, bye" october said "bye" i said. When Ireland finally hanged up we started fingerling and screaming and jumping around. I guess our parents arrived when we were both screaming that they both barged in and both said the same "what happened, are you guys okay do you need to call the ambulance?" "no we don't need anything mom and dad, we were acting like maniacs because we won One Direction tickets and the best thing is that 5sos is going to be there opening act, mom no we are not okay we are great and excited" "ughh you guys still like them, do you know they are ugly and don't know how to sing at all, unlike your father over hear knows how to sing, do you want me to give you a little show" my dad said I and Ireland  and mom both said "no" at the same time "well when your old man gets famous don't come for me and say how you were wrong" my dad said and left the room mom said "don't listen to him he is just crazy today, as usual" then my mom left.    "i guess i should leave" october said "okay" then my sister left my room.

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