Imagine yourself being kidnapped by the one and only One Direction. Well for some of you it would be great living with 5 super HOT GUY'S!!!!!!!!! But once you know there dirty little secret you will be terrified to death. This is a book bases on One Direction. Will someone find there mate? To find out more, please read this book, thank you.


5. Burn!

Oh my god my whole body in the inside burns. I fill the hot, burning sensation going through my veins slowly. I finally let out one loud scream that to me it would damage my ear drum. Oh my god it is getting Hotter, i don't think i can take it any more i fill like i'm going to die to tell you how i fill right now is like they put fire down my lungs and then lava and hot coal's in my body over and over again.

I never thought this was how i was supposed to die. I thought i was going to die of old age and have a family. Not this way at a One Direction concert. 

The pain is slowly going away and my heart beat is dying down. This is the moment of where i'm going to die. 

Finally the pain is gone and my heart beat is over but somehow i'm still breathing and i'm alive. 

I slowly open my eyes and i can see better i can see little dust molecules in the air, and my vision is so much better and my hearing is awesome. I hear noises that a normal human would not hear.

Then there is a figure standing in front of me and i slowly recognize  who it is. It is the only Niall Horan.

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