Puppy love

So here i am kylie smith about to set off on a journey with the man of my dreams,Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles . And to think none of this could of happened without the help of a puppy.


2. part time job

"MOM CAN I HAVE A PUPPY ?" I screamed up the stairs.

"Only if you promise to pay for it and be responsible for it "


"Love you too sweetheart"

So then i hopped into my car and headed off to Nandos to look for a job to help pay for my dog. I then asked the manger if i could fill out a registration.

*one hour later *

"Ugh! Finally done with my paperwork," i told the lady. "Im Kylie whats your name?"

"None of your business, and for the record dont even think about taking my spot as employee of the month." I just stared at her wondering if her parents dropped her as a child.

"Um ok then ill be on my way.."

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