Puppy love

So here i am kylie smith about to set off on a journey with the man of my dreams,Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles . And to think none of this could of happened without the help of a puppy.


4. first day at work

So todays the day i start working at Nandos. I couldnt wait so i jumped in my car and raced there. When i got there i received my uniform, a black short skirt , white top and an apron. The first two hours werent too bad and i had received a huge dollar amount in tips. I was heading off to deliver the food to my customers , when i was day-dreaming about dogs , when suddenly i bumped into someone and spilled all the food onto his shirt. "Oh my god i am sooo sorry sir. " i quickly said.

"Its ok i was going to wash this shirt anyways. " i giggled and looked up into his eyes. Oh my god i just realized that i had spilled tacos on the international pop star Harry Styles. He had noticed that i had been staring at him at i looked away. "Well see you around. " he said. The boy then left Nandos.

I sighed and said ," why do bad things always happen to me?" I then went back to work.

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