A girl in a Orphanage gets Adopted, by a very rich man.


2. 5 years later

 Allie!   I yell.  What?  Asked Allie.  Madam Marshall needs us!   Allie jumps down from her bunk.  Together.  She said. I smile.  We hold each other's hands, and marched downstairs.  GIRLS?!   Screamed Madam Marshall.  Me and Allie puffed out our chests.  You our late for cleaning.  She said.  We stay strong.  You are to clean the Windows, clean the dishes, sweep everything, and stay out of TROUBLE.  She said.  I roll my eyes.  She stomped her foot.  What are you two still doing here? Get back to work!   Me and Allie race down to the basement to get the cleaning supplies.  Allie remember 5 years ago, when you said we were going to get Adopted?   I ask.  Allie stops.  Abby, I do but I'm sure there's still someone out there- Allie!   I yell.  When are you ever going to give up?  I ask.  Allie sighed.  Never.  She says.  I gasp.  We both grab dusters, and head back upstairs.  Madam Marshall was picking on another pair of girls.  Madam Marshall gives us partners, to stay with.  We eat together, clean together, and sleep on the same bunk together.   Two girls named Sydney and Charlotte were sweeping together in the kitchen.  We arrive in the dining room, and start dusting.  Wanna sing?  Asks Allie.  Of course.  I reply.  I start.



Abby:  We can make it because together we are friends.  Madam Marshall is the most evil girl in town.

Allie: But we can make it cause together we are friends.  Cause we need each other to survive.

Abby:  Always find a cure.

Allie: To rudeness more to come.

Abby: Cause we-


GIRLS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!   Scream Madam Marshall.  Dusting.  I reply. No your singing.  Shut up, so you can get done!  She yells.  And she walked up the stairs.  Me and Allie we considered the best singers, from the other girls.  We accept this honor,  as we are the pair that gets picked on the most by Madam Marshall.  We finish and go back down the stairs to get window cleaner.  Abby you know the moment ago when you asked me when I was going to give up?  She asks.  Uh huh.  I say.  Well I give up.



I wake up in the morning, and put on clothes.  It was free day.  We can do whatever we want.  As long as we don't get in trouble.  As Madam Marshall would say.  Me and Allie slip on ballet flats, and sneak out the window of are bedroom.  We sneak over to the window to the far right of ours, because our window had a balcony, and shoved it open.  There was Ben, and Ryan.  They turn.  Abby!  Allie!   We go through the window and into their arms.  This was a boy and girl Orphanage, but they were sort of separated.  I hug Ben even harder.  We hadn't sneaked out to see them in a long time, and they were our best friends, beside each other.  I quickly give a small hug to Ryan, and we sit on their beds. How's Madam Marshall?  Asks Ben.  Terrible.  I say.  Ben chuckled.  Was there any ever doubt.  He says.  I slap him lightly oh the shoulder.  I turn to Allie, and see her kissing Ryan.  ALLIE?!  She turns.  What?  She asks. I'm kissing Ryan.  She says. I I never ever thought you two would not live without kissing each other.  I say.  Ben turns to me.  I won't live with out kissing someone too.  Really who?  I ask.  You.  He says.  I gasp.  I slap him hard across the cheek, and I burst out the window.  I run over to ours. And go through it.  I sit on my bed. Ben likes me.  I think.  Then I remember all the things we have done together.  Read together, have adventures together,  how couldn't we not like each other?  How could I not like him?  Then I stop.  I feel my heart.  It was beating fast.  I do like him.








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