My Story

So I told my story in the January and it's almost one year ago since I told my parents want I had been through. I thought about sharing more of my life so you can see how everything adds up.


2. Where is all starts - birth till school

Of course my life starts when I was born. So here it is..

When my mum was giving birth to me, I'm not exactly sure what went wrong, but I got stuck and the doctors etc. were pulling me and doing a lot of stuff. It ended up that they broke everything I have in my right side of upper back so bones, everything! So as a minute old I have a broken collarbone. 
Because of that my right arm is 4 cm shorter then my left. That means that my right arm is handicap, so I don't have that many feelings in it, so if you hit me there are 50% chance that I will feel it. 
If they didn't pull me I would have got a brain thing (Don't remember what it's called) so I'm a little thankful that they did pull. 

But after that from the age of being days or weeks old till 4 years-old I went to the hospital everyday (not Sunday's or special days) to train my arm because it was hanging by my side like pastel and even had a metal thin or something like that on my arm to shape it and I had a fabric around my neck to have my arm up. I think because of that I always have my arm up. When I sit or something like that I have it laying on my leg or laying on my other arm because it hurts just having it by my side. 

When I was 2 and a half I starting riding horses because that would help my arm. My mum told me a couple of days ago when we were at some friends and talked about horses about how everyone was chocked that I walked between these 170-190 cm tall horses and I was so small. But that was how I did it! I trained 2 times a week and also had a couple of competitions. 

I did that till I was 6 and a half because my teacher didn't like me. My mum told me that the last 6 month of training I was crying for 30-60 minutes every time before going because I didn't want to. But my trainer she made the horse do something so I fell off and hit my head directly into the ground. I don't remember a single thing from 2 sec before I only remember that we were going to make a very small turn and after that totally blank! But my parents told me that I stood up and walked away + I was borrowing my friends horse that day so my dad took it and went out with it, so it wouldn't get hurt or anything. 

So this is as short as I can make the first 6-7 years of my life. In real life it filled my entire days and years. 

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