Good Girl

There’s always a risk when you take a walk on the wild side. A risk that you may not be able to come back. That’s what Erin Chandler fears when she meets a hot sculptor who takes what he wants and gets any woman he wants. Malachi Miuro is definitely not the right man for Erin. He’s unstable, without a real job, and he knows how to take a girl with his dominant ways. Erin just wants to keep her head down so she can keep her job, but with Kai in the mix, that’s impossible. Kai knows he’s all wrong for Erin, but he wants what she’s got. If it means he has to break through her defenses to free the wild child within, then that’s what he’ll do. Even if it shatters her world. But can Kai learn to love Erin without trying to control her? Can Erin become who she’s really meant to be, or will she reject Kai along with her deepest dreams?


13. Thirteen


    Over the next few days, Kai worked in the sheet metal fabrication shop on the first floor of his building creating the twenty-four-foot long spear of the sundial and the round ball of its base. He also thought about Erin far too much, about the way she sank into his arms, letting him kiss her neck. The way her shirt was tight around her breasts, and how her jeans hugged that really amazing ass. He loved butts, and if a girl didn’t have a nice round one, it kind of ruined the whole thing for him. Allison had a flat ass—the kind women got from years of gym-training and too much dieting to stay thin. Erin, on the other hand, had a butt you could believe in.
    He knew it was dangerous getting closer to Erin. He could mess up everything with BioEnd if she found out about his kinky sculpture business. He couldn’t risk having her rat him out to her boss and get him fired from the project. But he was sure he could hide it. He had been very careful to set up his website, Hunting Art, with no connection to his real life. It had been good enough to pass Allison Stern’s vetting process for him to make it to the finalists. Now he just had to keep Erin from finding out about Hunting Art until after the project was finished.
    When he had to speak to Erin about the permits for the demolition on the plaza, he kept it professional. He could hear the wall in Erin's tone as she replied, and he knew that she was at work and probably dealing with Allison at the same time. But hearing her was enough to get him through until Saturday.
    He didn’t even want to play with Nikki. She came by the next evening. He made Nikki clean his shower and scrub the toilet and wash the sheets so everything would be pristine in case his big date with Erin went better than he expected. Then he told her to make him a grilled cheese sandwich. When Nikki finished cleaning up, as he was taking his last bite, she stood in the proper submissive position with her head up and eyes down, hands clasped behind her back, eagerly expectant.
    He sent her away without touching her. Nikki knew she was being punished, and he was too smart to punish her with attention. She would learn not to come over unless he told her to. She could have blown this entire gig for him.
    He didn’t tell her when to come next. He wanted her to know how much he disliked her little tricks to get more from him than he wanted to give.
    And he wanted to see what would happen with Erin.


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