Good Girl

There’s always a risk when you take a walk on the wild side. A risk that you may not be able to come back. That’s what Erin Chandler fears when she meets a hot sculptor who takes what he wants and gets any woman he wants. Malachi Miuro is definitely not the right man for Erin. He’s unstable, without a real job, and he knows how to take a girl with his dominant ways. Erin just wants to keep her head down so she can keep her job, but with Kai in the mix, that’s impossible. Kai knows he’s all wrong for Erin, but he wants what she’s got. If it means he has to break through her defenses to free the wild child within, then that’s what he’ll do. Even if it shatters her world. But can Kai learn to love Erin without trying to control her? Can Erin become who she’s really meant to be, or will she reject Kai along with her deepest dreams?


17. Seventeen


    It was the hottest thing Erin had ever done, and they didn’t even go all the way! She masturbated twice that night, once with the lights still on, she was so turned on. Both times her orgasm exploded so hard and fast that she saw stars. She didn’t understand why he didn’t have sex with her. He was obviously excited. The whole time. That was one of the best things about it.
    She slept so deeply she didn’t wake up until very late. Stretching and yawning, thinking of what had happened last night, she pulled up her nightshirt and checked her stomach and breasts. There were little reddened marks where his teeth had bitten down, but nothing from the candle wax.
    It was funny, it had felt like it was burning, and she was afraid she would have blisters this morning. She had been so scared while it was happening. There had been flashes of fire, some really painful, but she listened to his voice calling her forward every step of the way. And now she found she had been right to trust him. Other than the wax shavings, you could hardly tell anything had happened to her last night.
    Wandering out to her living room, she picked up the candle where he had replaced it on the coffee table. On the coffee table! She had begged him to make love to her on her coffee table! She could hardly believe that was her last night.
    But it was so incredibly sensual. He had been touching her constantly, kissing her skin, rubbing her, leaning into her and holding her down. It was more contact that she usually got when she had sex. Like he was making love to her whole body.
    Why didn’t he go all the way with me? she wondered. I threw myself at him hard enough. Sex had never been that big a deal for her. It was usually too fast for her to orgasm, and there was no way she could have shared the secrets of her trusty vibrator with her few serious boyfriends. She had always found it easy to turn guys down. Plus, she had to admit, she sort of liked being pursued.
    So when Kai texted her, she was really glad. It read: Morning! I hope you feel good today.
Laughing, she had to text back: No I’m a bad girl, remember?
    Yes you are, he texted right back. And I’m the one who figured it out. You remember that.
    I had fun last night
, she texted.
    So did I. How about dinner tomorrow night, after work? I should be done with the demo crew by 6.
    Erin hugged herself. He was asking her out again! He did want her. Even if it was only for kinky sex games.
    Well, she could do with a few more kinky sex games if they were all like that. Except she wanted the sex part, too. Now that she had gotten her feet wet, she was ready for a dunking.         Their scene last night blew everything else she’d ever done out the window, and she was ready for more.


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