Dear Diary // Louis Tomlinson

10th June 2014

Dear Diary.

Sometimes you have to let people go, because they are toxic to you. Let them go because they take and take and leave you empty. Let them go because in the ocean of life, when all you are trying to do is stay afloat, they are the anchor that's drowning you...

Fay Jones x

A Louis Tomlinson Story


2. Chapter Two

The bright sun, came through my thin curtains, forcing me to wake up from the peaceful slumber in which which I was in. Lazily pushing myself out of bed, I sat up just staring out my window. I remember when I was little and I would run outside like there was no tomorrow, I didn't care if my clothes got dirty, or I was looked I weird. I just didn't have a single care in the world. That's how it should always be.

"Morning hunny" Mum said as soon as she walked in my room. The smell of Yorkshire tea hit my nose, and she handed me the steaming cup. "So how you feeling this morning?"

"I'm better, I guess I've just relished that the sooner I accept that it's never going to go back the way it was, then the sooner I can move and enjoy the time l have left" I smiled at her from the corner my eyes, I took a sip from my tea.

"I'm glad you've started to think like that, you know you still have a chance of surviving this I mean it's not to late" My Mum rambled on, at the end of it her voice broke, along with a little bit of myself.

"Mum no, you need to stop this. We've heard what the doctors have said, and I'm not going to be that girl who survives this. I know this is killing you, but I guess as I always got told. Everything happens for a reason" I took a hold of my Mum's hand and squeezed it. To think that I will leave this amazing woman behind, breaks me. She's been my rock through everything.

"I know everything happens for a reason, I just wish I knew what that reason was this time" Mum sighed, she let go off my hand and started getting up. "Now get ready, you are not staying in your room all day" I nodded and watched her walk away.

Six months. I have six months left to live. That thought scares me. Imagine someone giving you a clock with a number of years or days on it. Say that clock said 38 years, then one day for no reason at all it drops, to six months. That clock is your dying clock, it tells you how long you have left. Well imagine all your hope and dreams just being pulled away from you like that. And for no reason at all.

After I had manged to get ready,I walked downstairs, and my parents were sat in the family room just watching television, and talking quietly among themselves.

"Mum, Dad. I'm just going to go to the library I won't be long" I shouted to them as I headed to the door. I heard a quiet yes reply, and I sent off to the library. The one place I could stay for hours on end, reading books and getting lost in these happy endings.

Walking into the quiet, still library. I can smell the dust coming from the books, which laid on the shelves untouched for years, since all these new online books came out. The Librarian, sat in her desk, with honey-brown hair in a tight bun, wire-rimmed glasses hanging on silver chain mid-way to her chest. She's the typical Librarian, her face is always serious, never once did she allow a smile. I used to come here as a kid and be terrified of her. I still am. The only sound what was heard was the soft patter of feet on the thick carpet. No on here makes a sound apart from the whispers, no one dares make anything louder.

I headed over to the book shelves as glanced at all the books in front of me, I almost screamed when I saw my favourite book sitting there, almost as though it was waiting for me. I placed my hand on it and took it away. I went and sat on the big chairs, what felt as though they were drowning you, yet somehow comforted you at the same time.

I pulled open the book and started reading getting lost in it, my parents wouldn't worry they know I could spend hours on end here. It was almost like my second home. I smiled as finally my best bit in the book came up but I was rudely interrupted.

"What you reading?" I looked up from my book, and turned to my left to see a boy with light brown hair, that was messy, he had sea green eyes which I could stare at endlessly, finished off with an amazing smile.

"Erm, I was reading A Girl In New York" I whispered back, and returned back to my book, starting off from where I last finished.

"I'm Louis" The boy said, he really doesn't understand that I don't want to talk to him and just read my book, I just nodded.

"You are?" He dragged out, with a sigh I closed my book and stood up.

"I'm Fay, and I'll be going now" I sent him a fake smile, and placed my book back where it belonged, before heading out the big oak doors.

I pulled out my phone looking at the time. 11:13am, I had a bit of time before I needed to head home. I thought about going to the park but the thought of being alone anywhere else but home and the library didn't sound appealing to me.

"Fay, now that is a lovely name" I stopped walking and spun around to see Louis, smirking at me,

"You have got to be kidding me right now" I said to him, which he just smiled at. I sighed and turned back around and started walking.

"So where we going" Louis said as he ran up to me, and started to walk besides me, this boy has got to have a problem or something.

"Wrong terms. We are not going anywhere, I'm going to the park, and you, you can go anywhere but with me" I said glaring at him.

"Sorry no can do love" I stopped and looked at him.

"Seriously what to you want? You can't just go up to people, and then start following them around" I stated.

"I think I can" He smirked, I yelled out a little scream and started walking away. "Hey, now that's no way to treat your best friend"

"Just.Go.Away" I said through gritted teeth.

"Look I'm sorry, I just had to talk to you, and you left far to quick" Louis sighed, and took a hold of my arm pulling me to stop.

"And why did you have to talk to me?" I asked, getting curious.

"Because your'e beautiful" I just stared at him, not knowing what to say. No one had ever said that to me apart from my parents. Then my mind came rushing back to my illness.

"Well thanks, but I really must be going" I said and took of walking.

"Wait, your just going to walk away?" He laughed

"Yes, you don't need to get involved with me" I said turning around.

"And what if I do. What if I want to get involved in Fay's mystery life, which could be full of fun and adventure, beyond my dreams" He said whilst acting out silly movies, it caused me to laugh at the most. "Hey, I made you laugh" Louis smiled.

"Look Louis, I'm not the best person to get involved with" I sighed.

"Why? Are you like one of them bad ass girls" Louis winked.

"I wish I was so I could just kick your ass, and you'd be on your way" I laughed, which he joined in with.

"Well Fay. I'm Louis Tomlinson and when I say I want to get involved with someone I make it possible, so either way you're stuck with me" I smiled, and dropped my head, staring at my feet which suddenly seemed very interesting to me. "Please can I just have your number"

"Fine. But when it happens don't say I didn't warn you" I sighed, taking his phone and writing in my number.

"When what happens?" He asked, taking his phone back from me.

"All in time Louis Tomlinson" I smiled and set off walking with him finally not following.

I pushed open my front door, and Mum and Dad were standing in the hall way. I guess I did take too long. I blame that Louis Tomlinson with his stupid smile and his gorgeous face, but not to mention his body was-

"Fay, are you listening to me?" My Dad asked, I nodded and smiled. I had to force myself not to go off into dream land again.

The day passed quickly, it seemed the only interesting thing what happened today was. Him. I still hadn't got a text or a call from him, but why do I feel upset? Annoyed about this? Shouldn't I just be happy with that he listened to me. I pulled my blanket up around me, making myself warm.

Text from unknown

Goodnight beautiful sweet dreams - Louis. T x

With a smile on my face, I saved his number and fell asleep. To tired to even reply.

12th June 2014

Dear Diary,

Today I met a guy called Louis Tomlinson, he was annoying at first and I didn't want anything to do with him. But now I can't seem to take my mind of him. And it's only day one.

I guess I need to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right...

Fay Jones x

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