Blades of Honor


1. Running

I was running. I was always running. I knew nothing of my past, but i knew i had to keep going. With my satchel and and my surroundings i would survive. I had to....I had to survive.... I never remembered my parents. Nor going to school. I still wonder to this day how i know everything i know and how. But I'm thankful that somehow i know how to get by. I get by, by always moving, finding somewhere to live and a guild to work in. I am Allison Alexander Cole and i will survive
no matter what.

Today I entered Rifehold, it was a nice town by the looks of it. Very prosperous. A guy came up behind me. He touched my shoulder and said, "You look new around here," I said "Yeah, did you want me for something?" He held out a contract, i knew what it meant. He was in the Assassins Guild. Where people give contracts to have their enemies or foes to say, killed. He said, "Would you care to join us?" I stayed quiet. I didn't know what to say. I did, but i guess i was too scared
to say yes, or no. Then he said, "It's your decision, either join us and we will give you shelter, or say no and we will never meet again" Then I said, "I'll do it".
From under his hood i could see a slight smile on his face.

His name was Jake. He told me to get fitted into my own cloak by Ceraena. He walked away from me, saying, "I will meet you here in the morning" I just nodded as he walked away from me. It was getting towards sunset and i made my way to where he told me to get fitted. I walked towards the house where the address Jake gave me on the parchment paper was. Ceraena opened the door and said, "I heard you we're coming from Jake, will you be his new apprentice?" I started to think about what this would mean to my future. I would be killing innocents for other people for all i know. But i made my decision and said, "Yes, your name is Ceraena, right?" She nodded and backed up to let me inside. She asked, "What color would you like to wear under your cloak" That was an easy answer, "Black." She turned around to black clothing and handed it to me. Her eyes looked sad. I didn't want to ask what happened. She asked once again, "What colors would you like for your cloak? And for weapons..." Her eyes turned sadder. I wish i knew what happened... She said, "Sorry, just thought how Jake carried so many weapons." I said "Oh, what kinds?" "Oh everything really, cross bows to swords to daggers, he's fully equipped" I sighed, "I'll go with a katana, a cross-bow, and two swords" She looked at me weirdly for a moment, "You know, Jake is a double sword wielder too." I leaned forward, grabbing a dagger "Oh really?" She let a breath out "Yep."

Everything went silent.

She finally said, "All you need are these." Ceraena handed over some silver gauntlets to me, "Jake has black ones...I've never been able to find ones in black though." I was beginning to wonder why she is talking about Jake so much. They must be friends, right? "Thanks"  "That's all, unless you want more equipment" I said, "Alright, see you." Cereana waved as i walked off "Goodbye."

I checked into a lodge nearby the spot where i met Jake for the first time. While i opened a soda, he came in and knocked on my door, "Care if i came in?" I said "Not really." He smiled slightly and sat down, "I see you got fitted." I also sat down in another chair, "Yep, does it fit me well?" "Yes, yes it does." I smiled a little and asked "Why are you here?" He looked at me with an expressionless face, "Just wanted to check on how you we're doing." I raised an eyebrow, "Ok? Well I'm good so you can get out of my lodge." He slowly stood up and nodded, "I will see you  next to the water fountain as soon as the sun comes up. Get some sleep." I nodded and thought, 'Mysterious much?' I watched him leave and went up to my room. I layed down and looked at the ceiling. I never sleep.

It was finally morning and i sat up, he came into my room. I thought, 'What is up with this guy?' He smiled at me then his smile dissapeared, "You didn't get any sleep, did you." I shaked my head no. He sighed, "Listen, just come outside when your ready." I stood up, "I'm already ready." Another smile appeared on his face,"Then let's go." We walked outside and i saw his eyes on a bird. Jake got out his crossbow and aimed it at the bird. I saw his eyes narrow as he let go of the
arrow. He missed. He groaned and i said, "Could i try?" Jake looked at me, a little mad, "I never miss." I looked at him, "Well, it isn't my fault." Jake handed me the cross bow slowly, "Don't break it." I aimed at the bird and my vision focused, "I won't." Everything started to go slower as my eyes flashed red. Jake looked up to the bird as i let go of the arrow. The bird squeaked and fell to the ground.

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