Love & War: Intro

Angel Carter, the most infamous drug lords daughter. She was born in the game. Her mom had her in the backseat while her and her father was doing a drive by. Angel isn't the loving type, but its this guy, has her all mixed up. Wanna know why? He's from another gang her father had been feuding with forever.


1. Chapter 1: Pool Party

Angel's POV

Hey! How y'all doing? My name is Angel Jasmine Carter. I'm 18 years old, and I just graduated high school! Yes. It's summer vacation, and I'm finally out that bitch. I'm mixed with Black and Puerto Rican. I have dark chocolate eyes. Black hair that comes to my back. CCup breasts. Small ass. I'm 5'7. And I have a very, very, VERY low tolerance for bullshit. My father is in the drug game. I shot my dad's bodyguard in the head just because he said I couldn't go in at one of his meetings. 

But. Enough about me. Lets get to the story. So. The deal is, I'm going to my BFFL Tasha's pool party to celebrate our graduation. I was over her house helping her set up and get ready. Tasha's dad is in the drug game too. And she's way worse than me on a level. She almost shot her mom over shoes! Tasha is same height as me. She's a little on the thick side. She has long wavy chocolate hair with green eyes. And she's Rican and Black too.

"Child. This party is gonna be the bid" Tasha said to me from her walk in closet.

"Girl. You already sha'know" I was in her mirror looking at my body. I had on a Gucci two piece bathing suit. With black flip flops and my hair was straight.

"How do I look?" She walked out. She had on a red one piece bathing suit. It had a hole in between he breasts. Her hair was straight and she had on red flip flops.

"Sexy af" We took a pic and headed downstairs. People had started to arrive.

"T. Did you invite them Thots here?" She turned around and saw them two crusty twins here.

"Nahh. I didn't. But they about to get the boot"

We walked over to them, but some big buff guy stepped in front of us.

"Sorry Misses, but your not allowed to go near Misses Amber and Ashley."

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