2. Chapter 2

I had learned all the boys names. Harry, Zayne (the one that had opened the door), Louis, Liam and Niall. They were all very handsome but just one made me smile, Zayne. He had something about him, but I wasn't here for romance, I was here to work. I introduced myself and asked them what they wanted to do. They responded with a happy tone. They wanted to go shopping. They said they wanted me to look my best. I was happy, but didn't want to show it. I answered with a cool, ok.

My mom and brother decided to stay home and told me to have fun. The whole way to the mall, Zayne was scooting as close as he could to me in the car. I couldn't help but wish he could just place his hand on mine. We finally got to the mall though and the boys were urgent to get me to "Love Culture". I was pretty excited myself. We found a bunch of clothing and everytime I stepped out of the dressing room with a new outfit Zayne would smile and blush. The other boys would just nod. After I had collected all my clothes, we decided to head home.

We were in the car and I felt Zaynes hand creeping up to mine. He finally placed it on top and I didn't move. I loved the feeling of his hand on mine. It felt like there was static between us and I knew he felt it too. We both turned around to meet each others eyes and we pulled our hands away. The boys were looking at us with wide eyes. I felt my cheeks turn red right away.

Everyone was silent on the way back. When we got home, all the tension went away though. The boys were hopping and playing and inviting me to do so too. It was an amazing time, especially when I was partnered with Zayne. When I was, I finally got more confidence to speak to Zayne about my life and what I liked too and he seemed to understand me. He was perfect.

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