Can I have your number?

One shot about Charlie Lenehan. Wish I could meet him sooooo much.


1. Chapter One

>>>Darcy's POV<<<

*knock, knock, knock*

I glance at the clock, 10:30pm. Who's at the door now? Alex looks at me with surprise in her eyes. "I'll get it" I say. Standing from the sofa I brush of my clothes and twirl the key in the door. I feel a cool breeze on my face before I realise who's standing on my doorstep. Bars&Melody. I stepped backwards before hearing Leondre ask "can we come inside?" Sounding pretty desperate. "Of course" I say quickly moving across and gesturing to the living room. Leondre walks in first and I hear Alex gasp. Charlie smirks and walks past. As I shut to door and lock up I feel my head spin slightly and stomach turn. Charlie Lenehan is in my house. Quickly calming down I open to door and find Alex's eyes. Surprise fills hers and she is pink in the cheeks. Leondre sits on the sofa next to her and smiles. "I'm Leondre" he says smiling. Alex blushes and replies "I know that, I'm Alex" before shaking his outstretched hand. "Nice to meet you". I realised Charlie was just standing next to me and gestured to the armchair "sit down" I said nervously. "Where will you sit?" He asks in his dreamy accent. I realised it's the first time he spoke and feel my heart race. "I'll grab a chair" I say smiling. I walk into the dining room and drag a chair towards everyone. "So sorry to intrude" Charlie says looking at me. "We're kind of lost" My cheeks roast and I hear Alex giggle. I reply "it's okay, do you want a drink?" I say leaping up. "Coke okay?" Charlie and Leondre smile and I rush into the kitchen. After a second Alex joins me. "ohmigod" she says in a rush. "Leondre Devries is in your house!" she whisper-shouts "shhh, Charlie Lenehan is too!" I say. As I pop the cans Alex grabs to glasses. "What do we say?" she asks tensely. "I don't even know, but we have to say something!"

>>>Charlie's POV<<<

Woah, Darcy is really pretty. Her sparkling brown eyes and beautiful long hair. She's really nice too, I know all about her now. I notice her shifting on her chair uncomfortably. I wish she'd sit next to me. I push back to cushion and sling my legs over the arm. "come sit here I say" gesturing to the space next to me with my eyes. Darcy's cheeks turned a delicate pink but she stood up and sat down next to me. She hooked her legs over the arm and turned her head to face me. Arm resting between our bodies. I suddenly felt an electric charge between us. I slipped my hand to hers and leaned towards her face. Our lips collided and I felt sparks fly. Fireworks popped in my head and shivers ran repeatedly up my spine. Breaking away I smile and lean towards Darcy's ear. I whisper "can I have your number?"


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