Sleeping Like a Zombie

Alena Clark, the modern Sleeping Beauty, has just been awakened by Phillip Hunter and thanks to the terrible Griselda Blake, the horrid curse casting witch, a zombie apocalypse has been brought upon the citizens of the entire kingdom. Can Alena and Phillip end the problem before it begins? [Short story for Penpals Writing Competition 2014]


7. Epilogue- 2 years later ⊱Phillip⊰

     Today was the day. The 2-year anniversary. Phillip's hands were shaking in his pockets, the ring in his hand.  He had talked to Alena's parents the night before, her mother's face nearly glowing as Alena's father gave Phillip permission to propose.  When Alena finally arrived at his house in the woods, he had gathered up the courage to really do this.

     "Hello, dear," Phillip said, walking over to Alena and giving her a kiss on the cheek.  He tried to keep his face expressionless, not wanting to give away the surprise. "We need to talk."

     "Yes," she said, with a solemn face. "I guess we do."

     They walked through the extravagant rooms that were held in their new yet old home.  Chandeliers decorated the ceilings and rich brown tables were next to each door, going down the hallway.  Alena and Phillip stroll down the hallway their feet squishing against the bohemian-patterned carpet.  After a few short minutes they finally reached the private room where Phillip was going to reveal his big surprise.

     His hands still shaking he takes Alena by her arms and sets her down.  He takes the ring out of his pocket and starts with the small speech he finished a week earlier.

     "Alena, dearest, we've been together for two years now.  Ever since I saw you on that bed of yours and went to pay my respects I liked you.  Wait that sounds weird let me start over," Phillip clears his throat only to be interrupted by Alena.

     "Honey, just continue from where you left off."

     "Okay, --to get to the point-- I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  I want to know how much I love you," he bent on one knee and took the black velvet box from his pocket opening it and revealing a silver ring with small, sparkling diamonds circling the center. "Alena Jasmine Clark, will you do me the honor of being your husband?"




     Two months of preparation and the wedding plans were finally coming into reality.   Phillip couldn't believe that only two years ago he had just found Alena to be an annoying princess because he loved so much now.  His dreams of finding someone that loved him for him, the orphan, were finally coming true.

     Phillip was in his room as of this moment getting dressed with Alena's father as they discussed their uneasy nerves and had a good laugh.  Both of them nervous for different reasons but agreeing on the fact that today was a big day in both of their lives.

     Once Phillip was fully dressed in his black tuxedo and baby blue neck tie he stood next to the priest waiting anxiously for his bride.  Once the music started to play a little girl, who was the daughter of the Alena's mother's friend, waddled down the hallway with a brown, braided basket filled with blue rose petals.  Followed after were the various family members of both sides of the to-be-wedded.

     Eventually after all of the families had walked out and into their seats came the bride.

     She's so beautiful.  I can't believe she's mine. 

     Her dress was fitted closely to her body showing all of her natural, beautiful features.  With a sweetheart neckline and rhinestones sparkling around her waist she practically glowed.  The veil was over her face and her naturally blond hair flowing down her shoulders as she walked to Phillip eventually stopping in front of him.

     He took the veil from her face and glanced at her with a look of true admiration.  Both of their eyes gleaming with love as they said their vows.

     "Do you take Alena Jasmine Clark to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

     "I do."

     "And do you take Phillip Alexander Hunter to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

     "I do."

     "Then, I wed thee Phillip and Alena Hunter!"

     The crowd cheered as Phillip wrapped his hands around Alena's waist as they shared a love filled kiss.

     "I love you, Phillip Hunter."

     "I love you more."





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