Sleeping Like a Zombie

Alena Clark, the modern Sleeping Beauty, has just been awakened by Phillip Hunter and thanks to the terrible Griselda Blake, the horrid curse casting witch, a zombie apocalypse has been brought upon the citizens of the entire kingdom. Can Alena and Phillip end the problem before it begins? [Short story for Penpals Writing Competition 2014]


6. Chapter 5- Happily Ever After? Maybe... ❃Alena❃

    "Mom?" Alena called, struggling to free herself.

    "It's useless. These bonds are enchanted, dear," an old woman stepped into Alena's view, her voice raspy and barely audible.  She stuck her finger in the air, and both of Alena's parents were knocked unconscious.

    "Griselda," Alena's voice filled with this fury for this monster who ruined her life from day one.

    "Ah, you know my name.  I do love it when I hear my name from one of my... canvases."


    "Oh yes, canvases, for my homicidal art."

    "You're sick!"

    "No, my dear, I am not sick.  Just evil."

    "I hate you!"

     "Lovely!  Now, excuse me, I need to take care of a few things before I put an end to you and your parents."

     Griselda exited the room, her black dress swishing back and forth behind her.  Once she left Alena stopped trying to hold herself together.  She let the tears fall, one after another, til her eyes were dry.  She heard footsteps and froze, not daring to move a muscle or make a sound.

      "It's okay, sweetheart," Phillip's voice was soft and soothing. "It's only me."

      "Oh, Phillip, you have no idea how happy I am to see-- wait, sweetheart?"

      "Er, yea, I kinda, um-- not important let's just--" 

      "I didn't say it bothered me."




      Alena sighed, "Are you going to untie me or not?"

      "Oh. That."

      Now free Alena stood up and untied her parents. However, they were still unconscious. Remembering her magic lessons from her youth, she closed her eyes, concentrated, and snapped her fingers. Her parents stood up. 

       "Alena, dear!" Her father ran to her and hugged her tightly. "You found us!"

       Her mother raced forward, nearly tripping, and obviously still dizzy from her time asleep. Despite this, she successfully made it to her daughter, engulfing her in a hug, unable to cry or smile. 

       "Awe, look at the little family reunion," Griselda strolled into the room, cackling like a deranged hyena. "Too bad I'll have to break it up!" 

       "Not this time, Griselda," Alena spoke with the passion and anger she felt inside that she had always tried to conceal. "You are not going to ruin my life anymore!"

        "Oh, really?" Griselda smirked. "And you're going to do something about it?"

         Alena glared at Griselda and turned to Phillip and her parents. "Go. Now." She turned around, again facing Griselda. Summoning all the emotion inside her, Alena concentrated, but this time she didn't have to close her eyes to use magic. She could just... feel it running through her blood, her bones, her being. 

         A pale blue light shot from her fingers at Griselda. Clearly shocked, Griselda barely leaped out of the way and responded with a blood red light. The two connected, and sparks started flying. After a few minutes of fierce concentration, Griselda collapsed.

         "Feel my pain," Alena said with a snarl. "Sleep."

         And Griselda closed her eyes, snoring, never to open them again.


        Alena stepped out into the sun and ran to her mother who had a wide grin on her face and tears of joy streaming down her face.

        "Oh, honey! You did it! You broke every curse Griselda ever cast! I have never been more proud of you!" Alena's mother once again attacked Alena with a hug. When she released Alena, Alena ran to her father and hugged him, too. She walked over to where Phillip was leaning against a wall, and her parents turned to each other, and had a deep discussion. 

        "What happened to Griselda?" Phillip said awkwardly, obviously trying to sound cool.

        "She suffered the fate I almost suffered-- a never-ending sleep."

         "Are the Zombies gone now?"

        "God, I hope so."

         "Congrats. You saved the world." 

         "I couldn't have done it without you." Alena tackled Phillip with a bear hug. They fell to the ground, laughing. The laughter ended suddenly as Phillip spoke.

         "So I guess this is goodbye, then?"

         "It doesn't have to be goodbye. What if we make this a... hello of sorts?"

         "What, are you proposing?" 

         "What if we, I dunno, went on a date, or something? Just because we are each other's true love doesn't mean we'll be good together. We can date for... 2 years, and decide how to proceed. Does that sound okay?" Alena turned to her parents, and her mom gave her an encouraging nod.

         "Sounds great," Philip's face was glowing and Alena's was, too. For, at that moment, everything in the world was... well, perfect.

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