Sleeping Like a Zombie

Alena Clark, the modern Sleeping Beauty, has just been awakened by Phillip Hunter and thanks to the terrible Griselda Blake, the horrid curse casting witch, a zombie apocalypse has been brought upon the citizens of the entire kingdom. Can Alena and Phillip end the problem before it begins? [Short story for Penpals Writing Competition 2014]


4. Chapter 3 ~ Can you fight? ❃Alena❃

     Alena had been walking for fifteen minutes until her feet eventually became tired.  She was hungry and her dress smelled like rotting onions.

     You would think that, since I stayed young while asleep, my dress would have stayed fresh with me, too, but of course not!  Why?  My dress, unfortunately, isn't an extension of my skin, that's why!  Alena thought, ranting and complaining as she struggled to untangle her foot from a vine.

     After walking advancing for a few more minutes she couldn't take it anymore and sat down to rest her tired feet.

     Phillip let out an annoyed groan, "Would you stop complaining and being such a princess!  We only have three more miles to go!"

     "Well, I'll have you know that I actually am a princess and I'm not used to walking five miles at a time!"

     Alena couldn't believe that someone could be so rude to a princess as he!  Who would dare to do that with the risk of having their head severed away from their body?  She got up and strutted her way towards the tree on her left side.  It was curved, slanting slightly to the right, and had branches twisting in every direction.  Its leaves were brown and amber, swaying with the wind that was blowing them, manipulating their movement.

     The adolescent climbed the tree and sat on one of the thickest branches she could find.  She got a sharp twig and cut away at her dress in the places where it was most impeding.  The inflated shoulders and its sleeves which restrained her arms, the cupcake shape at the bottom of her dress was stripped away to leave a short miniskirt, the underarm fabric ripped to allow easy arm access, and most importantly her back, which was the most inhibiting and wasn't easy to use with the tight stitching, was slit open.

     "That's better," she said with a sly smile, watching the amazed Phillip stare at her transformation.

     "Why did... how did...?"

     "It's called strength, ma'am, and duck!"

     Phillip ducked and Alena took a small dagger from under her miniskirt slamming the small knife into the soldier's head.  As soon as the first zombie soldier fell twenty more appeared and darted towards the teenagers.

     Back to back, they fought them off, yelling positions to make the soldiers fall and die with holes in their heads or hearts. -- reason being that those were the only places where they could be punctured without them healing and coming back to life.--  They fought off the twenty that had arrived and twenty more came from the surrounding forest and emerged, lunging forward to their attackers with blank, absent minded faces.

      "I guess we should run now," Phillip stated, now out of his daze.

      They scurried with the soldiers following close behind with swords in hand and helmets closed, growling and grimacing with dissatisfaction evident in their deep scratchy voices.

      "You... stop..."

      "Stop so we catch you!"

      With Alena's dress allowing access to her body that had been earlier restricted she ran ten times faster with Phillip lagging but close behind.  Snapping trees' branches under their feet and the soldiers gone, they proceeded by walking, Phillip proudly strutting with his head held high.

      "Only one more mile," Phillip stated blankly.

      Phillip talking as he had reminded Alena of her mother.  Her face darkened and a tear escaped her eye as she quickly wiped them away, not wanting to show neither weakness nor emotion.  The thoughts kept creeping into her mind, however, and wouldn't go away.  With every movement she made forward a tear escaped her eyes and slithered down her cheeks as she, again, wiped them away.  When she couldn't be strong anymore she let them pour; the tears burned her eyes every time they escaped and she felt weaker as Phillip stroked her back trying to console her.

       "Look, we only have a small way to go.  You can see the camp," he pointed to a tall green and brown building in the middle of the forest.  Unless you knew it was there you would have most likely passed it over as a part of the trees, it blending in that well.

      Walking inside Alena was surprised by what she found.  The inside was a lot more extravagant than the outside.  There were beautifully adorned tables, the royal blue ribbons hanging around perimeter of each one.  The floor had black carpet with elegant patterns printed onto them and the ceiling had religious art and antiques decorating it.

       "No wonder you are the way you are!  How is this just a camp; it looks like a mansion?!"

      "Says the girl who had fifteen carat gold ornaments on her dresser alone."


       As they advanced they found more and more people that Phillip was familiar with; all of them calling him "Phills" as they passed by, making remarks about Phills's new "hit-up".  As Alena saw more and more of them she became more and more upset, scarlet evident on her pale cheeks and her eyebrows furrowing with every movement made forward.

        Until the very last one when she couldn't hold it in anymore, "Ooh look at Phills's new hit-up!   What does she charge?"

       "Listen up you, perv!  I'm not a "hit-up" I'm something called a girl.  A respectable one at that!  How about you get over yourself and move on with whatever it is the heck that you do!  Hope you have a terrible day and that your children are as ugly as you are!" removing the small knife from the boy's neck she replaced it in her thigh-held sheath.

       He backed away and went back to the group that he was with.  Alena, marching forward, made it to a room labelled "Archery" and Phillip asked, "Can you fight?"

       "I fought when we encountered the soldiers, I ran a mile and a half, what more do I need to know?  I've been professionally trained in combat more years than the size of your ego.  You can be very annoying sometimes, you know."

       Alena picks up a bow and sheath of arrows.  Taking an arrow from the sheath quickly she sets it in place and pulls the arrow backwards, eventually letting it go and having the arrow slice through the air as it lands in the center of the archery target. 

       Phillip shakes his head mockingly and motions towards the digital soldiers darting their way towards Alena.  Being the proud and confident girl that she is she quickly hits each soldier in the head one by one as they approach.  The red, gleaming, digital blood seeping from their wounds as they disintegrate, allowing more soldiers to approach.

      Once she has reached the two-hundred death limit that has been set, they stop sprinting forward.  Alena with a "I know what I'm doing" expression plastered among her face earns a disapproving look from Phillip.

      "You need to be skilled with more than one-"

      "Hey, Phills!  Who's the rookie?" Alena and Phillip turned their heads to see a boy with black hair, blue eyes, and light brown skin walk his way towards them.

      "Sup, Daniel, just the last Witch Princess is all."

      "Whoa, the legends are true, man?  That's insane!"

      "Tell me about it.  Well, Daniel, this is Alena."

      "Uh, hi... nice to meet you," she said taking his hand, afterwards kissing it lightly.  Shortly after doing the action she had Alena realized what she did was probably strange, "Um, sorry, it's my family tradition.  We find it rude not to do so."

     Daniel pats her back, chuckling, "Nah, it's cool.  So, about you learning to use new weapons, you should probably learn knife throwing.  It comes in handy and is the easiest to do, once you get the hang of it."

     Alena looks to Phillip who nods his head as she makes her way towards Daniel.  He is holding two knives in his hands and when Alena approaches him, he places them in hers.  She throws one of the knives and fails to hit any of the inner rings, instead puncturing the wall.  

     "Look, you take the knife in your hand like this and then..." Daniel said, helping Alena aim, "you aim and throw with force," the blade hitting the target in the center.

      Alena, thrilled that she had actually done it, hugs Daniel tightly and gives him a light kiss on the cheek.

      "Okay, well I think Daniel has to eat lunch now!  See you later, Danny!" Phillip says pushing Daniel out of the door.


       After a day's worth of training Alena had mastered knife throwing, archery, gun shooting, sword fighting, hand-to-hand combat, MAGIC 101, and small weapons mastery (which she had mastered already but practice makes perfect.).

       After an hour of silence and resting Alena decided to crack the silence, "So, what is the story behind Phillip Hunter?"

       He chuckles, "Nothing happy or heroic.  My mother died when I was five and my dad left when I was twelve saying that I was "a disgraceful runt who would never make something of himself" I managed by myself until I left The Protection --which was an organization who saved people from the zombie soldiers-- and came into the real world without people to feed you..." he pulls his hair backwards with his callused hands and lets out a burden filled sigh.

       He continues, "After nearly starving to death at fifteen I made my way here where they took me in and trained me as a soldier for combat.  For three years, I've been here like a machine, doing whatever they asked me to when they needed me.  I still wonder what my mom looked like because I don't remember.  I'm sure she would've stayed with me if she had the choice.  I'm sure she would've loved me."

       Alena felt terrible and guilty for hating him for the few moments she had.  At that point she knew she would rescue her parents, and avenge Phillip's mother.  It was her mission.

       "I will."


      "I will save the world."

      Phillip smiles and his eyes brighten, "Then let's get started."

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