Sleeping Like a Zombie

Alena Clark, the modern Sleeping Beauty, has just been awakened by Phillip Hunter and thanks to the terrible Griselda Blake, the horrid curse casting witch, a zombie apocalypse has been brought upon the citizens of the entire kingdom. Can Alena and Phillip end the problem before it begins? [Short story for Penpals Writing Competition 2014]


3. Chapter 2- Woken With a Kiss ⊱Phillip⊰

   Phillip was having a rotten day.  First, he got a scratch on his lucky bow, then he couldn't find a single deer and, just because the universe decided that wasn't bad enough, his hand got stuck to some vine.  He took his sword out of his weapon belt, which also contained his no-longer-lucky bow, shotgun, and his last container of zombie liquids. 

   He slashed through the vine and in the process gave himself a scratch. Blood leaked from the wound.

   At least now I match my lucky bow, he thought. 

   He was cutting through the other vines when his sword hit what sounded like a stone wall.  Sure enough, when he pierced through all of the vines, before him was a 10-foot wall.  He grazed through more of the vines down the wall, searching for it's end.  Instead, he came to a door. Being a curious 18-year-old man, he entered. When he stepped through, he was greeted by a mansion; not just any mansion.  It was THE mansion, the one from the legends about the witch princess.  

   Apparently, she was under some spell, but Phillip didn't believe that garbage.  He had more important things to worry about.  He knew that the princess was alive at one point, though, and was very rich.  So, he decided to go in and search for stuff he could sell.  He walked in, and was immediately shocked.  There were so many valuables around him.  He had expected to search for them, but they were just out in the open!

   Am I the first person to discover this place? He asked himself.  Sweet!

   He grabbed a beautiful teacup, a diamond necklace and earrings, and an old phone that was called an iPhone.

   Man, people used to be selfish. 

   He went upstairs and approached what appeared to be the princess' old bedroom. He walked in, and gasped.  On the bed, there was a body.  A dead body.  To be more specific, the princess witch's dead body.

   Now, it wasn't as if Phillip had never seen dead bodies.  He had seen quite a few.  He had seen many dead bodies, both of the innocent and the wicked.  He just hadn't seen one so beautiful.  He knew the princess was fair and good as well as beautiful, so he decided to do what he always did to dead innocents.  He kissed her on the cheek. 

   He stood by the body and closed his eyes, paying his respects.  He kissed her again, but this time he kissed her on the lips.  He looked at her gorgeous face one last time, but it seemed different, brighter.  The color was returning to her cheeks.  Phillip stepped back, stunned.  The legends were true?  He was her true love?  Not possible he must be imagining things.  

   He closed his eyes, held them for a while and opened them again.  Now she was sitting up, her face inches from him.  He smiled, knowing that she was falling for him.  After all, he had it all-- golden hair, a hunter's body, and a crooked smile that made the girls go wild.  However, she didn't kiss him.  She did the thing Phillip least expected.  She punched him, and Phillip's vision went dark.


   When he woke up, the girl was standing over him with a snarl on her face.

   "Who are you and why did you kiss me?" she barked, still glaring at him.

   "I'm Phillip," he gave her another one of his classic smiles, trying to soften her up.  It didn't work. because she punched him again. 

   "Why did you kiss me?" she repeated, her face now turning an unnatural shade of red.

   "Cause you're pretty," Phillip said stupidly, mentally smacking himself.  "Uh.... I mean..."

   "It's okay," her voice and expression seemed to soften, although her face was still a deep shade of pink.

   "How long was I, you know..."



   "You fell asleep in the year..."


    "Well, it's 2114 so, one hundred."

   "So, I'm like, one hundred eighteen years old?"

   "Yep. Oh, and, just so you're aware, you have to save the world."


   "You're the last of the witches, besides Griselda and your parents, so the responsibility is on you."

   "Where are my parents? Why does the world need saving? How is Griselda still alive? What happened..."

   "Do you want me to explain everything?"  Phillip interrupted, sitting down on the bed, patting the space beside him.  She sat down.

   "Legend says that an old witch named Griselda had cast an immortality spell on herself in order to destroy all things beautiful.  She gave you a black rose that was enchanted to awaken the curse on you and send you into death.  However, since your fairy godmother weakened the curse, you only fell into a deep trance.  When Griselda found out, she was so furious that she decided to raise the dead to destroy every magical being in the world and suck the goodness out of everyone else.  So all the of fairies, witches, and wizards were destroyed, except for you and your parents.  Your parents were protected from death because they were also asleep, but I have the feeling that they aren't anymore, and I've heard rumors they are now prisoners of Griselda. 

   "Anyway, when the zombies started to kill the magical creatures, the rest of the world learned how countries of magic creatures were functioning under the surface, as well as why it was happening.  Then, the legends of "the sleeping princess" were born.  People say that age-old well, you, can stop Griselda and her army and bring back magic.

   "So..." Phillip looked at her, waiting until she said she was going to save the world.

   "So?" she looked confused.  Phillip sighed.

   "Are you going to save us all or not?"

   She paused, considering.  "I will save my parents but I'm not saving the world," she paused for a moment, "unless you have a plan."

   He sighed again. "Let's just go to headquarters, teach you how to fight zombies, and go from there."

  "I don't really know you.  How can I trust you?  I bet you're making this whole zombie thing up!"

   "I'm not," he said seriously, looking over Alena's shoulder.

   "And how do I know that?" she asked.

   "Because," he stated, "There's a zombie behind you!  Run!"

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