An ode to Insanity

Harrison Salnar is beyond hope and is destined to reside in Ward 360 for possible the rest of his life until Dr. Lorelei Raiman starts seeing things from his perspective. It appears her job has gotten to her and she is slowly being consumed by insanity as Harrison gets better. Can Harrison Salnar remove the favour when even Lorelei has lost hope?


2. The Doctor and The Ward

   I can say for certain that nothing is everything and everything is nothing. What can I say though when I am... what am I, really? They say I'm crazy but am I? I mean yeah, my friends are from "The Other Side" and have been for one of them forever it seems but what are they to me and her... that doctor..? What is she to me..?


   He heard the squeaking, the painful, mind wrenching shrill squeak of unoiled steel doors open as someone entered his filthy environment. It was in actuality fairly sterile by terms of caring for psychological patients though to Harrison it was filthy, polluted by streams of soot-like black haze that filled the place in his eyes though to many, it was all in his head only. His hair was matted and dirty blonde with streaks of a medium chocolate color. 

   "Harrison?" he heard someone call but he didn't answer as he was stricken by a stigma, an encroaching pathological fear that once he was moved as he heard someone say he would be; he'd be forgotten about. His weak and malnourished frame twisted in pain as he turned around to look at the source of this new noise. It was that doctor, Lorelei that he stared at with hollow, betten grey eyes with flecks of a deep blue scattered amongst the grey. 

   "L-Lorelei" He uttered in an almost inaudible tone, so much so that she seemed not to take notice as she turned away from the viewing port into his room. In his mind he cried. "Why can't she hear me?"

   "No one can hear you, we make sure of that," One of the shadows in the room grinned at him as it took form into a kid about his age, fourteen though being a shadow his features were somewhat indiscernible. "Harry, we don't want to let you go and leave us here in the dark."

   "Screw off," The pale boy retorted, "You are but a sham of something that refuses to let me alone! You've ruined my chances at getting out of here and ever seeing the light of day again!" If he had anything to throw at the shadow he would but, everytime he threw something and yelled, hey sedated him and induced him to those terrible nightmares. 

   "Oh c'mon Harry, it's not like you really want to leave anyway, is it? I mean, where will you go, your parents are dead an-"

   "Shut up Sean!" He cried, "they aren't dead!" He was begging for salvation, anything to help him so he did the only thing he could; he called for her.

   "Lorelei!" he screamed as the shadow boy lept upon him and tried to choke him, his hands digging into his throat, causing racing heat and redness to occur as he felt the skin tear. "Doctor Lorelei, please!"

   "Shut up, Harrison!" the shadow hissed. "Go to sleep like a good boy and join us in the dark!" 

   "Lorel...ei..." He began to fade as his shattered mind fades from the suffocation and his heart raced. " me!" His desperate please somehow got out of the abysmal cell and indeed they reached her ears but as she walked and read over the notes, in her mind she fought whether or not to acknowledge him; was Harrison actually reaching out to her or, was he playing some sick, psychosis induced game?

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