An ode to Insanity

Harrison Salnar is beyond hope and is destined to reside in Ward 360 for possible the rest of his life until Dr. Lorelei Raiman starts seeing things from his perspective. It appears her job has gotten to her and she is slowly being consumed by insanity as Harrison gets better. Can Harrison Salnar remove the favour when even Lorelei has lost hope?


5. Lorelei's Insanity

Hyperventilating I rushed outside of the ward, ignoring Harrison's calls for help. I couldn't help his insanity, if I, myself, had caught it. I had caught insanity from Harrison and I was angry at him for it. I was angry at the poor defenseless creature who was tortured mercilessly. I could see his friends and that is what terrified me, what terrified me more was who they were. Or rather, who I theories they were.

Lorelei stalked to the records office, her high heels clicking against the floor, faster and faster as she increased speed. She was walking in time to the tune she was humming. She unlocked the door, her fingers shaking as she attempted to slot they key into the lock. Steadying her hand took a few minutes.

She closed the door and collapsed, leaning against it and breathing, her wavering breaths shuddering and echoing around the room. The laughter still ringing in her ears. She had no trouble remembering the horrific phantoms of her vision, they still taunted her thoughts with waking nightmares.

"Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean." she muttered under her breath as she rose and flicked the light switch on.

"Clyde, Sean, Marcy, Ronnie." she proceeded to whisper as she flicked through the records of the poor unfortunate souls that crumbled to dust inside the walls of these buildings.

"Ronnie?!" her eyes lit up, a slim -ish looking file between her finger tips, she placed it down on the desk looking at the last filed report on him.

6 July 1996

Subject: Ronnie Simmons

Ronnie Simmons was found dead today, he hadn't appeared for morning duties, therapy or any meals earlier in the morning. CLYDE GIBSON reported that he found Ronnie Simmons corpse in the boy's bathroom.

Ronnie Simmons body was covered in bruises and flesh wounds and it appears he was in fact beaten to death by his peers. No culprit has been found but every single subject is now on lock down.

Lorelei breathed a hitched breath as she moved onto the next name, the paper's from Ronnie Simmons file strewn across the table. She moved onto another filing cabinet.

"Clyde, Sean; Marcy!" Marcy's name was found inside the filing cabinet. She grabbed at the file, accidentally knocking the swinging bulb on the roof. The shadows now dancing ever more dramatically than before.

13 September 2000

Subject: Marcy Johnson

Marcy Johnson hung herself at the strike of midnight, a horror fanatic may have described it as 'quite spectacular'. There was blood covering her entire floor and there were neat incision marks on her wrists that sliced right through the vein running through her wrist.

Marcy Johnson was one of the few patients who were to be given temporary release for one month as she seemed to have rid herself of her insanity. Like the case of RONNIE SIMMSONS, SEAN MCCONERY and CLYDE GIBBSON, who were all due to leave the asylum for a temporary time period and then tragically died. This is curious.

Lorelei gasped, she removed her glasses and let they fall around her neck, bouncing across her chest. She didn't bother to read the other files, the files of Sean and Clyde; rather, she grabbed them and left the room. Lorelei was a mess. Her hair wavering from her usually polished pony tail and the red lipstick done shakily across the bleeding cracks of her lips. She rushed to the solitude of her own compartment.


~Three weeks later

   She sat at home, the files of the victims around her on her sofa, her floor and the coffee table affront her. Chronologically the deaths went Sean, then Ronnie, Clyde and finally Marcy. However age wise, Harrison was correct in saying Clyde was the oldest being nineteen when he died of unknown causes, Sean was sixteen, poor Ronnie was Harrison's age and Marcy...well she was only thirteen.

   "Is this just bad timing or is there something truly evil here?" By bad she was referring to the chilling pattern that since Sean's death, the others were all four years apart. Marcy in 2000, Ronnie in '96, Clyde in '92 and Sean in '88. But what didn't exactly line up was that it was now only 2003, not four years...not yet, could she have time to save Harrison then?

   "So you know about us then," the cold childish voice was back; Ronnie. "Sad, isn't it? Though your guess is correct dear doctor."

   "I-is that, no, you aren't real, you can't be!" she cringed as she threw some of the files in a fit of terrified rage. To her horror the flying pages seemed to wrap around a small body of displaced air before it seemed to dispel and the void filled by air once more. "I... I..I have to get Harrison moved out of there but, how as once a patient was referred to Ward 360, getting them out was a tedious legal strain, one that easily could drag over into the new year and by then, Harrison could be dead.

   "What the Hell could I do for it then!?" She then thought of one thing but, should she act on it, she could herself lose her job and wind up a member of the ward that now threatened poor Harrison. "'s the most merciful thing...I could, it'd also buy us some time as if I... if I am losing it, what's to say I don't end up victim number five and not Harrison?" Her insanity played on her with deep intrigue and even deeper fear and paranoia as she slowly began to build up her materials for her final task for Harrison in his life at the asylum. When she next visited Harrison, it would be for the last time in the ward; it was now November and time, was running out in her mind, in her insanity it all seemed so possible to be followed by the cold cloak of the figure unforeseen to those of the living or sane. This was Lorelei's insanity.

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