My eyes squinted because I didn’t know whether it was playing tricks on me or not. It wasn’t. I gasped at the sight of him. Harry. Fucking. Styles. Last time I saw him I swore I never wanted to see him ever again. He told me to wait for him, but he hurt me too much. I moved on, and now he’s back. He’s back different; no more glasses, his body was no longer petit, instead it was well built up and he inked his skin. But one thing for sure, he’s not going to get me back.


1. Prologue

Hanna’s POV


“Stop it!” I yelled at him. Harry was stuffing handful of clothing into his big duffle bag. “Why are you leaving?!”  He ignored me with sweat dripping from his forehead. I pushed him hard to turn him to me. “Tell me!”


“I can’t tell you Hanna.” He manages to say through his teeth. His eyes pierced through his glasses and into mines. I didn’t know whether he was still in love with me or not. Harry had been through with me over the past years. From middle school till now, our sophomore year. Everyone knew we were a couple and everyone thinks we will grow old together. We were inseparable. I guess not.


“Why? We never keep anything from each other!” I yelled again with tears streaming down my face. Harry immediately tried to wiped it away but I slapped his hand. He flinched.


“I want to, but-”


“But your sister won’t let you? Are you running away with her leaving me?” Gemma, his sister, is in the front seat with her own duffle bags in the back up her pickup truck outside. “You promised you would never leave me. At lease not without an explanation” I cried. Harry’s eyes soften and he tried to kiss me but I backed away.


“I’m sorry.” He grabbed his duffle bags and scurried out his room, down stairs and then outside. I followed close behind him.


“So this is it? The end of our relationship?” I cried stopping when we reached outside. Harry turned around as Gemma rolled up her windows giving us a bit of privacy.


“No, it’s not. It’s not the end. Just wait for me ok?” he said after throwing his things into the back of the truck. My jaw dropped.


“Wait for you? How long is that exactly?” I spat.


“I don’t know, but I will come back for you always.” He placed my hands in his. More tears came streaming down my face and dripped off my chin. His voice was so soft, but at the same time felt like it was scratching my skin off. The fact that he’s leaving hurt me.


“Don’t bother! I swear never want to see you again.” I hissed through my clenched teeth after I roughly threw my hands out of his. Then I took off a ring he gave me, when it was the first time he told me he loves me, and slammed it into his chest. “Goodbye Harry.” And that was the last time I talked to him. Making my way to anywhere but here, I wiped my tears with the back of my hand. The sound of a truck drove off behind from a distance.


I thought Harry was going to be my forever and we will go to college together. All those times he said he loves me, and all those times he snuck in my room when I get nightmares or felt alone, felt like nothing. Just a stranger that I loved.



Hey guys, this is a new fan fiction that I'm writing. If it goes well, then I will continue this story. Please "Like" this movellas so I know if you guys enjoy reading it. Thanks so much, love ya x

P.s this is a werewolf fan fiction

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