My eyes squinted because I didn’t know whether it was playing tricks on me or not. It wasn’t. I gasped at the sight of him. Harry. Fucking. Styles. Last time I saw him I swore I never wanted to see him ever again. He told me to wait for him, but he hurt me too much. I moved on, and now he’s back. He’s back different; no more glasses, his body was no longer petit, instead it was well built up and he inked his skin. But one thing for sure, he’s not going to get me back.


5. Chapter 4

Hanna’s POV


I cried myself to sleep after leaving the mall. I woke up with my eyes a bit red and puffy. I managed to fix the redness with some makeup, but the puffiness was still there. It was almost school so I had no choice but to go with my face like this.


I put on a tank top, leggings and boots because I just did not care about my appearance anymore. Without any breakfast, I left home and went straight to school in my car. I would stay home again, but mom wouldn’t allow it. And I want to see Niall and Becky. I hate to see Harry there, with his new abilities, with his deeper voice, with his new sexy body- Snap out of it Hanna!


Almost late to class, I tried to sneak in but the teacher caught me.


“Late, Ms. Prior?” she mocked still writing on the blackboard. I cringed and shut my eyes. Ms. Binapple is really strict; the strictest teacher I ever met. Being late is pretty scary, but getting caught doing something she does not approve of is worst.


“Sorry.” I quietly apologized with eyes on me. Niall greeted me with a smile, Becky waved, and Harry glances at me once before looking away with his arms crossed. I groaned quietly because the only seat left was next to Harry. This is the price of being late? Really? I gulped and took my seat, not wanting to make a scene.


The class went on and I hated it so much. Luckily, I am able to get an A minus that is on the brink of a B. I don’t know why, but I just have to get an A in every class. It’s just this thing I’m used to, if I get a grade below an A, I usually feel like I’m not good enough. It’s nothing that my parents force me to get, they are supportive and will accept any grade I get (as long as I don’t fail and I have a reasonable explanation for it).


I found a small note under my book. I didn’t pay attention to where it from because I was too focus on the lesson. Opening it, it read:


Can we talk? Please?


Instantly, I knew who it was. I gave Harry a glare and just ignored him. Harry slid another note under my book.


“Stop it, I don’t want to talk.” I whispered to him so we wouldn’t get caught.


“Please Hanna, we got off on the wrong foot.” He tried to explain. I scoffed.


“You’re going to get us both in trouble.” I tried not to make eye contact.


“If you just let me explain-”


“No, listen, Harry, we can not be friends ok? I don’t want to talk to you and-”


“Ms. Prior and Mr. Styles!” Ms. Binapple slammed her books on her desk, which made everyone jump. “You know I don’t like to be disrupted in my class. Both of you detention after school!” she demanded. I expected detention because that’s what she always gives as punishment. Ms. Binapple are those single female teacher in her middle thirties, probably own several cats, watches soap operas, and make other people’s lives worst to make herself feel better. I nodded obediently and swallowed the lump in my throat. Great, Harry just gave me detention.






Niall walked me to Ms. Binapple’s class where I will be captivated for the next hour with Harry.


“I would join you in detention if there wasn’t practice today.” Niall groaned swinging my hand in his. I gave him a benevolent smile and kissed him on his cheek.


Niall and I had to part because I was going to be late for detention, and Niall is going to be late to his practice. Harry was sat at the back desk, so I took a seat in the front to be as far away from him as possible. My eyes glances at the clock and the second hand felt like the hour hand. Anticipation rushed through my veins and my legs were bouncing on the ground.


“Are you cold?” Harry’s raspy voice said from behind. I looked at my arms and there were goose bumps all over. I didn’t even notice I was cold. Looking up, I noticed that I was right under the aircon.


“I’m under the aircon, what do you think?” I spat, not looking at him. I crossed my arms on the desk and rested my head on it. I should move to another seat, but then I’ll be a seat closer to Harry. This is the further possible (opposite corners). My eyes flutter shut and I was still cold.


I ran, and ran, and ran. My legs were wobbly and I was tired, but that didn’t stop me. What did I even do? Why do they even want me? I am not going back to that psychotic place. The air was cold, really cold. But somehow now, my heart rate slowed down, and so was my pace. I was tired but a bit of weight was lifted off my chest. The woods seemed too quiet for anyone else to be here besides me. Exhaling and inhaling, everything felt fine. Suddenly, loud growls came from behind out of nowhere. My body went into complete shock and began running again. Are they sending some kind of dog? But it can’t be a dog, it’s too big. I thought I was far enough to take a breath, but then I realized it was a bad decision. The beast was close and growled my name. “Hanna” it said. “Hanna” the voice got softer.


“Hanna, wake up.” And that was when I woke up to the sound of Niall’s voice. Why do I keep having this nightmare? My eyes adjusted to the light and then focused on Niall’s beautiful blue eyes. Feeling an unfamiliar feeling on my back, I noticed a jacket. It was Harry’s. I can tell by his scent really clearly. He must’ve put it on me while I was sleeping. Immediately, I wanted to rip it off my back but I felt cold and slipped my hands through the sleeves. I think Niall is wondering who’s jacket it was, but then shook and head and let it go.


Niall traced his fingers along my cheek.


“Hanna, your skin is cold. Why did you just sit under the aircon like that?” he asked. I closed my eyes and exhaled. I felt so tired and I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because I was suddenly awoken from my nap.


“I was too lazy to move and just fell asleep under there.” I forced a smile. Niall kissed my nose and gave me a warm embrace. I could tell he was fresh out of the shower and had put on that cologne he knows I love. We walked out of the class together.


“How would you like to go on a date with your hot boyfriend?” he asked giving a cute smirk. I choked when he called himself hot. Cocky much? I giggled while blushing.


“What do you have in mind, hot boyfriend?” I stuck my tongue out at him.


“Well, anywhere you want really. I just want to be out with you.” He gave my hand a little squeeze. “It’s Friday night Hanna. Anything would be great. You name it and we’ll do it.” he confidently stated with his head held high. I thought about something to do, but my head rang.


“Honestly, a night out with you would be perfect, but I still don’t feel well babe. I’m so sorry. ” I stopped and stepped in front of him, looking him in the eyes. “My head is ringing, I feel so weak…” I started rubbing my arms for warmth. “Why is it so cold? Did they turn up the aircon or something?” I looked up at the vent. I didn’t mean to change the subject for that moment, but it was really cold. Niall frowned at me.


“Cold? Babe look, I’m sweating.” He said, concerned about me. Niall felt my forehead, as if I was sick. Maybe I am sick though… “If you’re sick, then we don’t have to go out tonight.” He cupped half my face gently and lowered himself so we are eye level. I shook my head no.


“It’s ok, I’ll be better by then. I want to spend time with you too.” I smiled.




I got ready and applied some makeup to conceal some of my imperfections. I look like shit. I mean, I thought I would be fine by now but no. But this isn’t going to stop me from seeing my boyfriend. He’s done so much for me.


Niall was outside in his black Range Rover. I told him he didn’t have to come up so he could wait in the car. I took one more look at myself before leaving. Gosh do I look like a mess.


Niall opened the door for me to get in the car. What a gentleman. At his kind gesture, I smiled to myself and wonder how did I ever get so lucky? On the way there, Niall refuses to tell me where he’s taking me, but I noticed that there’s a picnic basket and big blanket in the back seat. A romantic picnic eh? Turning my head away, I blushed again at the fantasy that’s going on in my head.


Half an hour later, we’re still not there yet. Ok, where is he taking me?


“Niall, babe, where are we going?” I frowned looking out the window. We were getting further and further away. Niall just smiled and shook his head. I hate it when he does that. Suddenly, I felt cold again. “Niall can you turn down the aircon?” I rubbed my arms while leaning back.


“Yea sure. Sorry.” He apologized for keeping the car too cold. Still, it wasn’t good enough. I closed my eyes to sleep so I wont feel as cold.


Everything was pitched black. So dark, everything almost seems blue and psychedelic colours appeared. All I could hear was the loud and strong growls. It rang in my ears and head. I tried to scream but that didn’t do anything. I screamed once more.


“Hanna! Babe wake up!” I hear Niall’s soothing voice as I shot my eyes wide open. His eyes were full of terror. He pulled me in and quickly, but gently, wrapped his arms around me. I did the same and shed a tear. “I hear you scream, are you okay?” Digging my head into the crook of his neck, he slips an arm under me and picked me up, carrying me out of the car. He whispers he got me over, and over again. I hate these nightmares so much.


“You wanna talk about it?” he asks. I sniffed and took my head away from his neck and adjusted my eyes. We were on a cliff. He had set out a flannel blanket underneath and the picnic basket near us. Beyond the cliff was the city. Oh how I love views like this. I wiped my tears away and just smiled at him.


“It’s ok. I’m fine now. Thanks. Now, why are we here?” I tried to shake off my croaky and almost sobbing voice. I just needed an excuse to change the subject with that question. I know exactly why we’re here. For a romantic picnic. Niall took a long look before grabbing the picnic basket and taking everything out, naming each of the items.




I lied in Niall’s arms on the hood of his car. The stars were out, and the twinkling lights of the city looked as if they were the stars in the galaxy as well. I wish we could get a higher view, but going up the mountains are too dangerous. I just have to settle with this, which is beautiful enough.


“Hanna?” Niall said. I felt the vibration of his voice. I hummed a note. “I need to tell you something…” he trailed, leaving me confuse.


“Is there anything wrong?”


“Not necessarily.” He said. I frowned. “I need to leave town for a trip.”


“What? For how long?” I asked, sitting up.


“I’m not sure.” He mumbles. I parted my mouth to speak but nothing came out. “It’s some personal family business Hanna. I can’t stay here. I need to go with them.” He gently grabs my hand. Clearly, I’m not fond of him leaving me because he’s the only one who could comfort me the way I need him to. Like I get scared at night. And the nightmares get worst. But since he said it was family problems, then I can’t keep him from going.


“But what about school?”


“I’ll take online schooling for the time being.” He told me. I sighed and just let it be. I lied in his arms again, wrapping him tight and inhaling his signature scent. “But Hanna,” oh boy. What now? “I’m leaving tomorrow morning.” He said. It broke my heart.




Niall’s POV


The Next Morning


I hate to break her heart last night. Luckily, she understood. I hate leaving her and I’m not even sure how long I’m going to be gone. I did not want this situation to remind her about Harry. What a dick for doing that to her.


“Niall, we’re heading to the car first. Come Down.” My mom hollered from downstairs. I zipped my luggage and told her I’ll be down. When I opened the front door, the first person I saw was Hanna, still in her pajamas.


“Hanna what are you doing here? It’s 5 in the morning.” I went to hug her. She hugged me back and handed me a small, neatly wrapped box.


“I want you to have this now. I was supposed to give this to you on your birthday, but I wasn’t sure when you’ll be back.” I opened it and it was a watch. It was perfect and defiantly me. I gave her a thankful hug and wanted to stay, but my dad honked and said we had to go. “Be safe.” Before heading into the car, I went back and gave her one more kiss. I made sure I didn’t miss any second of it and hope it would last me the entire trip.


We drove off while she watched the car drive away.


“Do I really have to do this? I don’t even believe in this shit.” I crossed my arms and complained to my parents. “You made me leave my girlfriend for Christ knows how long.”


“Sweetie I know this is tough, but it’s in our blood.” My mum said looking back at me.


“You’re turning 18 next month so you have to be ready before that.” Dad said, taking a glance in the review mirror at me.


“You father is right Niall. You were born to be a werewolf hunter.”


Sorry I haven't updated in forever.. School just started and you know, drama came along. Anyways, I love to write it and it release the stress. 3 more "Likes" and I'll update! I labb you people so much! Thank you for reading my stories xx


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