My eyes squinted because I didn’t know whether it was playing tricks on me or not. It wasn’t. I gasped at the sight of him. Harry. Fucking. Styles. Last time I saw him I swore I never wanted to see him ever again. He told me to wait for him, but he hurt me too much. I moved on, and now he’s back. He’s back different; no more glasses, his body was no longer petit, instead it was well built up and he inked his skin. But one thing for sure, he’s not going to get me back.


4. Chapter 3

Niall’s POV


Sun shone through the window and a slight breezed came in hitting our skins. Hanna groaned and scrunched her face with her eyes closed. Goosebumps appeared on her arms. I bundled her closer and she wrapped her arms around me for warmth. I wanted to stay in bed with her all day, but I know she won’t allow it and eventually kick me out of her house if she has to.


“Hanna.” I whispered. “Hanna.” I gently shook her to wake her up so I can get dressed. She opened her eyes and took her arms from me. She adjusted herself to the light as I crawled out of bed. Before I came here, I brought some spare clothing to get changed into in the morning.


“Leaving already?” Hanna pouted. I kissed her softly. I crawled back into bed with her and held her close. She giggles. “Go to school boy!”


“Didn’t you practically tell me to stay?” I smirked.


“I was joking.” She smarty replied. I pretended to be hurt. “Of course I want you to stay, but I want you to be in school too.” I shook my head no with a grin plastered on my face. She raised her eyebrows giving me a warning look. Being the stubborn person I am, I stood my ground and stayed in bed. Hanna suddenly leaned in slowly. I closed my eyes ready for the kiss, but instead she took me by surprise and pushed me off her bed. I fell to the ground with a thud and Hanna burst out laughing.


“Honey, are you okay?” her dad said from behind the door. Hanna quickly covered her mouth from laughing.


“Yeah dad!” she yelled back trying to hold in her laughter.


“Well, alright then.” Her dad doesn’t sound convinced but he left anyways.


“I warned you. Now get you’re sexy ass ready and go to school.” She crossed her arms. I love this girl so much. Before I left, I gave her a peck on her lips and climbed down her bedroom window making sure her parents don’t see me. I parked my car about a block away so no one gets suspicious.




“Hey Niall, you see my best friend?” Becky came up to me. She was in a different outfit from what she usually wears. She wore high waisted shorts, and a grey tank crop top, which could show a glimpse of her breasts a bit bigger than usual, and a flannel tied on her hip. I looked away because I wasn’t interested.


“She’s still sick at home.” I told her shutting my locker door. Becky pulled her lips to the side of her mouth and looked a bit disappointed. “Um Becky, can I ask you something?” she nodded. “What’s the occasion with the new outfit.” I just had to ask. She smiles and looked at herself, quite pleased.


“It’s to impress Harry. The new kid.” She blushed. I groaned slightly to myself. “I know he’s your girlfriend’s ex, but she gave me permission.”


“Becky, I don’t think that will be a good idea if you and Harry are going to get together. You are her best friend so that means you guys will be hanging out with each other a lot. The last thing she needs is Harry back in her life.” I told her pulling my backpack on my shoulder for better support. Becky sighed because she knew I was right. “Anyways, I’m gonna head to class now. Talk to ya later. If it makes you feel any better, I can hook you up with one of my friends.” I offered. She nodded eagerly. I walked pasted her and spotted Harry drinking from the water fountain from a distance. Of course I don’t want to add him on the team, but he was really good and I’m not that shallow. I’ll do whatever for the team.


“You made it in the team Styles.” I forcibly said to him. He grinned and thanked me. He changed so much over the last years. When I first saw him on the field yesterday, I almost didn’t recognize him. “And for the record, stay away from my girlfriend okay? She’s over you now.” I growled. Harry glared at me and I could’ve sworn he literally growled at me back. I backed up a few inches and walked away. Looking back, I saw him talking to Becky. They were defiantly flirting because Becky was blushing like crazy and curled her hair with her finger.




Lunch Time


It was finally lunchtime and I couldn’t wait to go see Hanna. Before I headed out to her house, I decided to stop and picked up some chow mien for her. It’s her favourite. I pulled up in her driveway and let myself in with the key in the left flowerpot. She told me about it. Her parents are at work so I didn’t hesitate to use it. Hanna was on her desk; legs crossed on the chair and was browsing on Tumblr. I shook my head.


“Hanna Prior, you better not get influenced by Tumblr and starve yourself to get a freaking thigh gap.” I said leaning on the side of her door. Honestly, I think Hanna can be a model if she wanted to. She has the perfect body and the curves in the right places. Hanna quickly turned to me and her face lit up like a child seeing toys and sweets. She jumped onto me and embraced herself with a hug. Hanna had an oversize long sleeve shirt that goes just a bit above the middle of her thighs and wore a cute messy bun. She pulled away and I lifted the bag of Chinese food to show her. We ate our lunch downstairs in her dining room.


Hanna’s POV


“Harry’s in the team.” Niall mentioned. I winced at the name.


“He’s good so of course you have to let him in.” I forced myself to say, playing with my food a bit. I couldn’t stop thinking about Harry all morning, but not in that that way.


“Becky is also really into him.” Niall said. I’m not sure why he keeps bringing him up.


“Yeah I know. I told her she could have him. I’m am completely over him and so into you.” I firmly gripped onto his hand giving him a reassuring smile.


“I told her it wasn’t a good idea because she’s your best friend.” I frowned at him.


“Niall I’ll be just fine. Let her be. If she likes Harry, then she has my blessing.” I dug into my noodles and plopped it into my mouth. Niall let out a sigh.


We finished up with our food and decided to watch some Netflix. I sat on the couch cuddling into him as we watched it on the TV until it was the end of lunch. When it was time, we parted. I went to the mall because I was bored and needed to get some things. Niall gladly offered to drive me to wherever I needed to go.


Harry’s POV


I flirted with Becky for a bit just to annoy the heck out of Niall. I heard them talking from where I was. I also learnt her name and that he has a crush on me. Flirting with her gave me a shock of guilt because she wasn’t my mate. Hanna is. She’s apparently been my mate for years, but I never knew anything about it. I remember feeling hot and I couldn’t stop sweating. I asked my sister what was wrong with me and she explained me everything. At first, I thought she was on crack and called her crazy. Then she took me to the woods and I was blown away. She transitioned into a wolf. Or should I say werewolf. Her fur was an ashy drown colour, and her eyes were still her beautiful shade of greyish brown. I too was apparently a werewolf who was a late bloomer.


Gemma taught me how to control myself and everything else that I needed to know: Like how mum was also a wolf, but dad was a human. How I turn on every full moon and at anytime I wanted to or if I am triggered with anger. She taught me so many things. That’s why I had to leave. She was training me for my own and Hanna’s safety. Mum died when Gemma turned 18 so she became my legal guardian. The police came to our house and told us, but we refused to know how she died. It was already too much to hear the news. And dad, I never met him.


I was excited when I found out that Hanna was my mate, but at the same time I wasn’t. She was probably never going to talk to me ever again. I couldn’t tell her about us or else it might threaten our lives. Life wasn’t easy for me. You see, without my mate, I get tired my body gets extremely hot. It’s like I can’t live without Hanna, literally. For female, they also get tired but instead of getting hot, their body temperature drops and they become cold. Luckily Gemma knew some people who had supplements for me to take so I feel no pain. Our family is apparently loaded so getting it wasn’t a big problem, despite the fact that you have to travel to Canada, where a native tribe makes them. In February, I will be 18 and the supplements won’t work anymore. I need Hanna to let me back in. I still love her of course, but I could see she moved on.


The whole day Becky kept hitting on me. I felt a bit disgusted but I didn’t want to be rude. Along with Becky came some other girls who dressed pretty slutty. Becky was revealing but she wore more clothing than the rest. Hanna is not in school today and she’s not even replying to anything I sent her.




End Of School


“Dude are you alright?” A boy named Louis came to me and placed a hand on my back. “You’re sweating like crazy.” I was. I turned to him as he passed me a towel.


“Hey do you think I can have an ice bath?” I asked. I could taste the salt above my lips and how my skin feels sticky. The supplements still works but it’s not as affective anymore.


“Yeah, yeah, sure. The ice is in the cooler. Anyways, I got to go now. Hope you feel better for tomorrow’s practice. You’re almost as good as Niall.” He patted me on the back and left. Ugh, Niall. The dude who took my girlfriend from me.


I got into the ice bath I made in the boy’s locker room. It helped me cool off, but in a bit it’ll come back. I miss Hanna like crazy and I couldn’t ever stop thinking about her. I was supposed to come back last year but when I found out she moved on and had a boyfriend, I completely lost it. Gemma said I was too unstable to go back. That day, I turned full wolf and ran for miles and miles until I couldn’t run any more. I hated the fact that she’s without else.


My hand slapped the side of the plastic tub in anger, sending huge vibrations through the ice water I was in. I noticed my fingers growing claws, but I held everything in and it all went normal again. Shuffling and a locker closing echo through the locker room. I knew his scent clearly.


“Woah.” Niall eyes shocked that I was taking an ice bath. He turned away for a few seconds and then looked back. I pretended it was just a natural thing and made sure I didn’t turn wolf. My eyes darted to a towel someone forgot on the bench instead of looking at Niall. “It’s a bit chilly, aren’t you cold?” he saidsaid and I could see with the corner of my eye that he crossed his arms. Glancing at him once, I shook my head no, annoyed as fuck. “Okay.” Can’t he just leave me alone? “So Harry, glad you understand that I’m with Hanna now.” He said almost as if to make me jealous. Quickly, I dunked my hands into the water concealing my claws that were appearing.


“Yeah.” I cleared my throat. “No problem.” I almost choked myself on the words. Niall smiled and gave me a quick pat on shoulder. His facial expression changed.


“Man, no wonder you’re taking an ice bath. You’re burning.” He wiped the water that stuck onto his palm on his pants. “Anyways, later.” Niall was about to leave until his phone rang. “Hello mum?” he said. Niall waited and listened to his mum. I didn’t bother to eavesdrop whatever’s on the other side of the phone so I just ignored him. “Mum, I have to pick Hanna up at the mall in a bit.” He groaned. Niall walked away with the phone to his ear as my ears followed him behind, alert by Hanna’s name. “Alright, alright.” He hushed trying not to be disrespectful. Niall hung up and then apparently dialed Hanna’s number. “Hey babe.” I winced when he called her babe, jealous, but then I remembered she’s not with me anymore. “I can’t pick you up, mum called for me to get some things. Do you mind giving Becky a call so she can pick you up?... thanks babe. So sorry… okay… love you too.” I didn’t notice I was clenching my jaw and that my fist was almost purple from clenching it too hard. Hanna was my first love, and I was hers. Now she’s in ‘love’ with Niall.


So, she’s at the mall? I guess I’m gonna gave to pick her up myself and at lease try to get things straight. The last thing I want is for her to hate me her entire life. Especially when she’s my mate.


Hanna’s POV


Niall hung up and I sighed. Maybe I should just take the bus home because I don’t want to bother Becky. She has piano lessons on Wednesday at this time. Niall’s birthday is next month so since he wasn’t going to pick me up, I decided to continue looking for his gift a little longer.


Last year, Niall gave me a beautiful bracelet with my birthstone, Pink Tourm, on it. We weren’t even dating yet, but he gave it to me anyways. However, I told him that I didn’t really want to wear it because it reminds me too much of Harry even though I practically couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot when he gave it to me. Harry gave me a ring with the same birthstone on it, but just a bit bigger. Niall said it was ok, just as long as I kept it. One month later, we started dating. Now, I proudly wear the bracelet everywhere I go and set Harry aside.


I entered a watch shop and looked for one. Watches tells time, so this represents the precious time Niall and I spend together. A lady in an ink blue blazer came up to me.


“Are you looking for anything in particular?” she said with a smile. He had one dimple and is probably in her early 20s.


“Yes, I am actually looking for something for my boyfriend and he’s turning 18. Do you have something that’s age appropriate with a hint of sophistication?” I politely asked trying to sound mature and grown up. She thinks about it for a bit and her eyes lit up when something came in mind.


“I believe we do if you just follow me dear.” She headed in a direction and I followed. She pulled a watch out of the display desk and held it out to me. I gasped because it was perfect. “This is the Michael Kors ‘Scout’ Chronograph Silicone Strap.” It was black and has rosemary gold as the outline of the dials and numbers. It was beautiful.


“How much is it?” I asked taking the watch into my hands to examine it more carefully.


“That is,” she checked the price. “$195.” The price was not bad at all for a beautiful watch like this.


“I’ll take it.” a big smile appears on my face. The lady smiles back.


“Would that be cash or debit?”


“Debit please.” The lady brought the little machine I can punch in my number. When I finished, she wrapped it up for me and handed me a bag with the watch. Leaving the store, I’m pretty satisfied.


“Have a great day.”


Opening the watch bag, I took out the watch box that was neatly wrapped. I can’t wait to see Niall’s expression when he sees this. After I put it back in the bag, I didn’t watch where I was going so I bumped into someone.


“Oh my gosh,” I giggled at my stupidity. “I’m so sorry…” Looking up at whom I bumped into, I held my breath.


“No it’s my fault.” Harry said. I took a tiny step back, but after that, I couldn’t move. Harry looked upset for a moment there. Emotions flooded my mind. Thoughts of loving him appeared, but so was the hatred. Harry made me feel safe when I was with him, but now I don’t know what to think.


“Don’t come closer.” I almost whimpered as he tried to take a step towards me. But he did anyways so I turned my head to the side not wanting to see his face. I bit my bottom lip trying to stop myself from crying. As his hand touched my forearm, my mind calmed and everything felt okay. The problem was, how did everything feel ok just like that?


My eyes moved to look into Harry’s. Something in me wanted to jump onto him and give him a warm embrace, but at the same time I didn’t. Instantly I thought about the miscalls I left him, following with text and emails. He didn’t even drop by to tell me Happy Birthday last year. I took his hand off of me and it felt no longer okay. I hate Harry. I hate how he made me feel lonely for 10 months before I finally moved on. And I hate how he just shows up like this.


“Hanna I’m sorry.” He apologizes. I gave him a stare.


“I don’t want to talk to you.” I turned my back and walked away. I wanted to run, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my balance. Harry is still overwhelming.


“Hanna wait.” His voice came gradually closer and I felt a warm hand on my back. Swinging back, I shouted him to not touch me. Maybe just a little too loud. A concern woman came over and asked if everything is alright. I shook my head and told her Harry was bothering me. After that, I was able to walk away faster wiping the tears off my face face. 

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