My eyes squinted because I didn’t know whether it was playing tricks on me or not. It wasn’t. I gasped at the sight of him. Harry. Fucking. Styles. Last time I saw him I swore I never wanted to see him ever again. He told me to wait for him, but he hurt me too much. I moved on, and now he’s back. He’s back different; no more glasses, his body was no longer petit, instead it was well built up and he inked his skin. But one thing for sure, he’s not going to get me back.


3. Chapter 2

Hanna’s POV


Niall went up to Harry and they were having a conversation. I assume Niall is trying to tell Harry he’s a bit too late for tryouts so he can’t accept him. After a bit, Niall shrugged and apparently allowed Harry still try out, giving up. Lucky little bastard.


“I can’t believe you used to date that hunk.” Becky gawked at Harry. I rolled my eyes.


“If you want him, you can have him.” I groaned. She smiled thanks with her eyes still on Harry. I couldn’t help but examine his new body. He looks completely different, but I know it’s him. His hair became looser, toned abs, packs even, satisfactory size biceps, and a pair of nice looking legs. He used to be pretty thin and he would never pick up a ball. And now he’s trying out for soccer? Did he also get contacts? If I remember correctly, Harry’s legally blind.


The boys moved on from cones to defense and striking. A few guys seemed pretty good, and the rest were alright, but not worthy enough to join the team. At lease not without any training they’re not. You can defiantly see potential in them though. It was Harry’s turn and one of Niall’s best mates, Louis, was the goalie. Louis in my opinion is the best high school goalie I’ve ever seen. I heard both Louis and Niall might even get a soccer scholarship.


It was now Harry’s turn to try to dribble the ball past a few defenders. Surprisingly, he was really good. Harry dodged the first defender in swift motions. I was breathless with his ability. His legs moved so quickly I couldn’t even keep up. He must have got some training lesson wherever the hell went for so long. Becky was next to me gasping every time he manages to past a defender with her hand over her mouth, and eyes as big as the full moon. When Harry pasted the last defender, I heard cheering from the field. Finally, Harry did a powerful bicycle kick to the goal. I held my breath and everything was in slow motion. Louis jumped to catch the ball, but it flew a foot from his hands and went into the goal.


“Woo!” Becky squealed as the rest of the boys in the field cheered for Harry, now surrounding him. My lips parted from shock. Harry couldn’t even dodge a dodge ball, yet along knew how to do a perfect freaking bicycle kick? Niall was really impressed by his facial expression, and so was the coach that was also on the field with his clipboard. However, Niall also looked annoyed because he knows exactly who Harry is. My ex. I told Niall the negative feelings I felt towards Harry.


My stomach started to turn and I felt sick. Becky asked if I was alright as I got up walking away from the bleachers. I held my stomach with one hand and the other over my mouth to keep myself from throwing up for now. I gagged a few times. I ran to the nearest bathroom there was. It was in the boy’s locker room. Obviously girls aren’t allowed in here, but it’s an emergency. I could feel myself about to throw up and it was at the nip of my throat. When I reached a large trash bin with a freshly placed trash back in it, I let myself go. An uncomfortable acidic vomit came pouring out my mouth. The thought of Harry being back and his new abilities is too overwhelming. He just all of a sudden shows up without giving any warning. I held my hair back myself until I felt a warm hand on my back and the person held my hair for me. I flinched at their touch and turned to see who it was. Harry. I backed up and my back bumped into the bin pushing it back a bit until it hit the corner wall. His green eyes were what I saw first. That didn’t change. The green, beautiful eyes I used to stare deeply into and got lost in. And his lips, that didn’t change as well. They still looked full and soft.


“Hanna are you okay?” he said. That was the first time I heard his voice in 2 years. It has gotten deeper for sure. Niall then came rushing over by my side and Harry backed up a bit.


“What happened?” he asks me cupping half of my face. He glanced at Harry and gave him a dirty look. My stomach churned again and I spun around to throw up more into the bin. Niall pulled my hair back and gently stroked my back. “Was it something you ate?”


“Maybe.” I murmured, feeling guilty that I’m lying to him. My throat burned a bit and I reeked of vomit. “You should back up, I stink.” I told Niall taking away his discomfort. He shook his head no and took off his muscle tee to rub the bits of vomit off my mouth. Niall then took me into his arms and I was pressed firmly against his bare chest. I see Harry over his shoulder making his way out. Taking a deep breath, I exhaled feeling a little better. I can’t take this right now.


“Want me to pick up some meds and then take you home so you can rest?” Niall kissed my neck and hugged me tighter. I hummed yes appreciating his every move.




Niall took me home and begged to stay with me for a while longer, but I told him it was getting late and he should go home. Niall left upset and gave me a long kiss before leaving. He is such an amazing boyfriend. He told me he had a crush on me ever since the 4th grade, but since I was with Harry, he didn’t bother to tell me. Niall also mentioned that he dropped settle hints but I never noticed until he told me about it. He was there to comfort me when I needed it when Harry left. My mom came in the room with a cup of warm water and noodle soup. I thanked her as she sat near me.


“How are you feeling? Do you want to stay home tomorrow?” she asked stroking my hair a couple times. My mom was in her early 30s and had me when she was only 19. Her boyfriend turned out to be her husband who loves her till now. She looked pretty young for her age as well. Both my mom and dad have deep brown eyes, but I have ice cold, blue eyes.


“No, I think I’ll be fine.” I told her. My mom smiles and was about to leave until I stopped her. “Actually, can I stay home tomorrow? I think I’m starting to feel sick again.” I put my hands on my stomach, pretending I’m feeling sick again. Somehow, my mom wasn’t buying it from her grin. She sat back down next to me.


“What’s wrong honey? Did something happen at school today?” she frowned. I took a deep breath and swallowed hard.


“Harry’s back.” I said looking at the noodles and then at my mother. Her expression changed and she looked at me worryingly.


“You mean…” she paused taking my hand into hers. I nodded trying to hold back tears, putting the water and noodle soup on my side desk. “Of course you can stay home.” She pulled in for a hug. I let a tear escape from my eye, but then I fought the urge for more tears. “But you have to go back the day after alright? I can’t afford for you to get in any trouble.” I nodded. Mom kissed my forehead and left.


My phone suddenly rang and I glanced to see who it was. The caller ID was Harry. I guess I forgot to delete it off my phone. Instantly, I rejected the call. I tried to close my eyes, but my phone rang again. I did the same thing to his last call. I thought Harry was going to call again but instead it buzzed meaning he sent me a message.


How are you feeling? It read. I rolled my eyes and locked my phone.




I slept for about 4 and it was 3am in the morning. I couldn’t sleep comfortably on what felt like a concrete bed. I also had a nightmare. I dreamt of myself being chased by some creature. I was running out of breath and when I couldn’t run no longer, I stopped to regain balance. Then I realized that was a bad decision and the beast caught me. That’s when I woke up panting with sweat on my skin.


I grabbed my phone and was about to dial Niall’s number until I noticed a few miscalls and a couple more messages from Harry. I scoffed and looked pasted it and went on with what I intended to do; call Niall. Niall’s phone rang twice and he picked up immediately. I laughed a note.


“Hi, is there something wrong?” Niall’s voice was raspy, worried and concern. I shook my head no even though he couldn’t see it so I answered, “Everything is okay.”


“Niall can you come over please? I can’t sleep.” I said almost guilty. I heard shuffling through the phone.


“I’m on my way.” He replied without any hesitation. Niall replaced Harry and came over pretty often. I smiled. “Hanna?” he spoke.


“Yeah?” I sat up against my wall.


“I love you.” He gently said. I smiled and told him I love him back. We hung up and I unlocked my window so he can climb in. That’s how Harry does it. I don’t know how but Harry always know when I’m feeling lonely or just had a nightmare at night. Sometimes I find him sleeping right beside me when I wake up in the morning with a nightmare the night before. Harry usually strip down to his boxers and bundle me up. His body was so warm I didn’t even need a blanket during the winter.


I closed my eyes and I woke up by the movement of someone climbing into my bed. I knew it was Niall. My eyes fluttered open and Niall kissed my lips before wrapping me into his arms. His scent was addicting, but his body wasn’t as warm as Harry’s. It didn’t bother me though.


“I’m not going to go to school tomorrow.” I whispered and my voice vibrated against his chest. He ran his hand ever so gently through my hair to my back comforting me.


“Are you still feeling sick? Want me to skip with you?” he offered. I smiled in awe. I shook my head no. “But someone needs to protect my girl.” I giggled.


“I can’t let you do that for me.” I looked up at him. I could barely see him, but we were only able to make out each other’s face shape without details. I imagined seeing his crystal blue eyes since I couldn’t see it throw the dark.


“Can I at lease come to see you during lunch?” he kept fishing a way to see me. I rolled my eyes even though I bet he couldn’t see it.


“Sure, why not.” I knew Niall was smiling and he kissed my lips slowly. “Night.”


“Night.” He replied as I turned my back to him and he put his arm around me. We interlocked our fingers. For a second there, I thought he was Harry. Harry and I always had this strong bond that I never felt with Niall. No matter how much I tried, it was never there. But Niall was a really close second. I love him so much.


Suddenly, I whispered “Harry” to myself. I scowled myself bit my tongue. I did not know why I just said that.


“What was that babe?” Niall said half asleep. I squeezed my eyes shut scowling myself again.


“Nothing, just go back to sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.” I said biting my tongue. Niall wrapped me up a bit tighter.



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