Katherine Horan

Hey there! My name is Kathrine Horan. Yes I am Niall Horan's sister. I have always been caught in Nialls shadow. I can sing too! And don't even get me started one his girlfriend! She is a total bitch! My brother is also over protective. Will I ever find love?


4. Truth or Dare

Kathrine's P.O.V.

We all sat in a circle. "So, who goes first?" Zayn asked us all. "I will." Niall said, seeing no one else was willing to speak up. Right now, my brother is the only common factor with me and his friends. "Okay so I choose Liam to be my victim then, after his turn, Liam picks a victim." We all nodded in an understanding of how the game works. "Liam truth or dare?" Niall asked him. "Uhh Truth." Liam said. "Ugh okay let's see." He though for a moment while Liam had a dreaded look on his face like there was one question he knew was coming, but that he feared. "Liam, are you really going to cut your hair?" He asked. Liam sighed in an almost relieved tone. "No, no, I am not cutting my hair until picture day next year." He said. "okay so, my victim will be.... ZAYN!" He shouted a little loud. "Okay." Zayn said. "Truth or dare?" Liam asked Zayn. "Dare" Zayn said. Wow. I am a little bit surprised. I really thought he would take the safe road and pick truth, but I guess I don't know him as well as I thought i did. Don't judge a book by its cover, they say. "Okay, I dare you to run two laps around the entire house with no clothes on." He said mischievously. "Can I at least wear my boxers please?" He said with puppy dog eyes. Liam thought a bit. "Fine" Liam said in surrender to Zayn's puppy dog eyes. Zayn started to strip naked right there in the living room! Niall jumped from his seat and covered my eyes with his hands. "Niall, I'm sixteen." I said moving his hands from my eyes, but he wouldn't budge. "Oh fine I give up" I said. He relaxed his muscles a little. I could tell by the way his hands softened. Once Zayn was out of the house he moved his hands. I rushed and got my phone from the kitchen. I aimed it towards the window and hit the 'record' button on the camera app. I recorded Zayn running by in nothing but his boxers twice. "Done" Zayn said coming back in out of breath and putting his clothes back on while I put my phone on its charger. I came down and Zayn was telling us his victim. "My victim is Kathrine." He said. My eyes almost popped out of my head, I swear. "Truth or dare?" He asked. "Dare!" I said. Hey go big or go home, right? "I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with..... Liam" He said. I looked to liam with my eyes bugged out and he looked the same way. Best dare ever. I thought to myself. I really do like him. I hope he feels the same way about me.

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