Katherine Horan

Hey there! My name is Kathrine Horan. Yes I am Niall Horan's sister. I have always been caught in Nialls shadow. I can sing too! And don't even get me started one his girlfriend! She is a total bitch! My brother is also over protective. Will I ever find love?


1. My Life


Hey! So now is the time I tell you about my life story. My mum and dad got in a car accident four days ago and died on impact. I would solve my pain by cutting but I made a promise to my brother that I would never do that again. I haven't really been eating lately but I had a banana and a bowl of cereal this morning. Niall and I have different ways of solving our pain. I don't eat and he eats all the time. The burial is going to be next weekend after we get all of the money gathered and plan the funeral and all of that stuff. Niall and I don't have to do that though. Our aunt is doing everything. And then there's Cindy. She's my brothers girlfriend. She is such a bitch. He doesn't realize how she's using him. All she ever does is make out with him and go shopping with his money. She uses his popularity to get anything she wants. I. Hate. Her. Enough on that now me. I have blonde hair (not naturally obviously) and bright blue eyes. I look almost exactly like my brother but if you saw me there's nothing. Nothing in common when it comes to looks. We actually do act alike. I am fifteen years old. I turn sixteen on Thursday, July 31. That's tomorrow. I was suppose to get my new car from my parents but you know. Now I have to wait until I make my own money. Boo. Now that you know all that I can get to what's going on now. I am going to eat a sandwich first though so BYE!


Hey so I know this is a sucky first chapter but I promise the next one will be better! Bye crazy mofos!-


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