Katherine Horan

Hey there! My name is Kathrine Horan. Yes I am Niall Horan's sister. I have always been caught in Nialls shadow. I can sing too! And don't even get me started one his girlfriend! She is a total bitch! My brother is also over protective. Will I ever find love?


5. hell after heaven


 I stood up slowly. I walked over to the closet and opened the door for Liam to walk in. I swear I saw him give the boys a dirty look. There was a large amount of pink overpowering his cheeks. I shut the door behind me, not even looking back. This was a fairly large closet, so we were within arms reach, but not close enough to where our bodies were actually touching. "So" He said. "Listen Liam, I really like you and I'm not saying that you have to like me at all, but it would be a miracle if you did you know?" I said all in one breathe. It seemed like he was almost shocked to hear this. I can't blame him who wouldn't be shocked. "Katherine?" He asked me. "Yea Li? Can I call you Li?" I asked/answered. "Yea. Um, so I really like you too Kat. Can I call you Kat?" He asked just the way i had. I smiled and nodded just the way he had. "Hug?" He asked. Huh, slow moving. Any guy in my school would have tried to kiss me then and there. I like that in a guys. Not wanting to take advantage of me. "free hugs" I said and giggled. I lunged toward him slightly. When i wrapped my arms around his neck, I guess I got a little too excited, because, well, we both fell to the floor with a soft thud. Thank god we didn't fall sideways, pr we both would have hit our heads. There I lay on top of Liam, both of us laughing, when Niall opened the door. "Okay guys times up you can come out n-" he stopped short. "GET OFF OF HIM KAT! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING ON TOP OF MY MATE YOU LITTLE SLUT?!" I looked at him tears brimming my eyes. How could he say such a thing? I looked to Liam and he had a look of anger and shock. I quickly got up and rushed past Niall. Once I got to the bottom of the stairs, I looked back to Niall. He had a look of realization, but still a look of anger. I shook my head and turned to run up the stairs. I got to my room and locked the door from the inside. I buried my face in my pillow and cried. I can't do it. I can't take this anymore. Everyone hates me. My mom and dad are gone, my brother broke up with his girlfriend because she hates me and now he hates me too. And I would not be surprised if Liam hated me too. I don't know any other way to overcome my pain but to cut, and I can't do that. So, I'll just have to sit here and cry until I can't cry anymore. I walked to my closet and bent down to the broken floorboard that we never managed to fix. I pulled out my diary and went to the back to retrieve the pictures I loved so much. There was one of me and Niall standing in front of the fireplace on Christmas, A picture of my mom and dad on their wedding day, a picture of me and my mom at the mother daughter brunch. There was also a picture of me and my dad at the daddy daughter dance we used to have in grade school, and a couple of me and my brother at disney world. The last one, however, was the most precious of all. It was a picture of Niall, Mom, Dad, and I all standing in front of the house the day we moved in. It's the last picture we had together before they died. *knock Knock* I set the pictures to the side. "Who is it?" I said/yelled. "It's niall" my brother's voice   chimed back. "Come in." I said with a hushed and somewhat regretful tone. I wonder how this is gonna go.

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