The Life of a Fangirl

I'm Abby. Just your typical fangirl. A person who's in multiple fandoms: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games. But above all, it's Harry Potter. I have 2 best friends, one's a fangirl and the other's a fanboy. I can talk to them about pretty much anything. One's Alexandra (I call her Alex) and the other's Jason. Yeah I know, you probably think it's awkward to have a boy as a best friend, but there's nothing between us. Until one day.


1. I'm Abby

       I was waiting for my best friend, Alex, to come pick me up like she does every morning at 7:20am so we can walk to school together. Alex is my neighbor, and my best friend. When I say it's amazing to have a best friend next door to you, I mean it. Alex is my best friend and I could tell her pretty much anything. She then barges through the door, normal for her. I leave the door unlocked so she can do it. My parents are used to it, they love her like she's their own daughter. 
       "What's up my fellow fangirl, you ready?" She asks.
       "Of course, let's goooo!" I exclaim, and we run out the door with our backpacks. 
       "What have you been reading?" Alex asks, which is the typical start to our convos every morning. "I'm reading the Harry Potter series a 3rd time, as you already know, and I finished The Order of the Phoenix last night."
       "I was reading a lot of fanfics last night, you know I love them," I answer. I then tell her about the Harry Potter fanfic I was reading last night. It was about the Second Generation of Harry Potter. Albus, Lily, James, Rose, Hugo, Victoire, Teddy, Scorpius,etc. "You should totally try reading it."
       "Ooooo! It sounds really good, I'll definitely try it!" Alex says, excited.
        After a couple more minutes, we get to the middle school. It's May and a normal day for a 7th grader. We meet up with Jason, my other best friend, and walk to first period together. We are in the same class for first period. You may think it's awkward to have a boy best friend unless there's something between us. Only there's not. We get to class and start the normal day.

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