Bayverse - Megatron and The Transfan

It really wasn’t a usual day for Megatron.He hasn’t experienced a day ever since crashing into Earth then becoming frozen and studied by humans. Today the Allspark could finally be in his servos; so that four plans (yes, four) can come into play. The giant cybertronian jet like helicopter flew over the grassy plains to some side of the United States. The Autobots were heading somewhere that stumped him.|A Request for a Transfan who is obsessed with my stories. This ranges to 5 chapters, also,gist of this story is: Megatron comes to OUR universe,and somehow becomes Galvatron through some turn of events. Just read it.

(Stand alone)


3. Truth

When things happen out of the blue, the event mostly does not get sweeped under the rug. Usually when that happens it’s when aliens have come to earth and the US Government hides all the evidence because they crashed or were here for a short amount of time. However Megatron didn’t get sweeped under the rug; he had been hidden around the rug.

It’s Tuesday, the 16th.

 “Jess, look at this news clip!” Jess’s mother called her. “It looks like some-one made a CGI Megatron, got his actor, and used the old garage as a background!”

Jess Comes flying down the stairs that she almost tumbled at the third step.

“What?” Jess caught balance grasping her hand on the rail. Her eyes became big. “No,no, no,no.”

“This video came out like, clear out of the blue!”The Reporter said. “And since then it has gotten over 5 million hits, 12,000 comments, 19 million likes and 1 dislike.”

“One dislike?”  The second reporter said, slamming his hand on the table. It startled the first reporter visibly. “One didn’t like LORD Megatron’s confusion? It was better than Sam yelling ‘no,no,no’ all three Transformers movies.”

Jess’s mother turns the volume off.

“Is there something you are not telling me?” Her mother asks.

Jess  looks to the TV then back to the open door, multiple times.

“Jess!” Her mother taps one foot on the floor.

“Mom, can you excuse my lateness at school with a note?” Jess asks. “I promise you will not regret writing the note.”

“If I get an explaination, then it’s done.” Jess’s mother said.

Jess grabs her mom by the hand and went out to the back yard.

“Good morning Mr.I-hate sunshine!” Jess yells at the door. “They know you are here. It’s only my mom.”

“Dear, is it proper to call a giant robot that name?” Her mother asks, quite skeptical of her daughter.

A smile slowly creeps up Jess’s face.

“Wait for it.” Jess said. “And Megs, did you know that the same writer made a incarnation of you get accused of having feelings for a Cyber-Organic in ‘Why am I in Transformers Prime?’ Oh, and by the way, you take her hand—“

“Liar!” Megatron drove out of the garage and then he transforms into his robot mode.  His armor made klinks and whirrs as parts were rotated to different parts of him. Jess’s mother gasps taking a step back.  “I do not want to hear about a human ruining my image and turning it into a ORGANIC LOVER!”

Megatron’s foot crashes into a recently replaced flower garden.

“No!” Her mother screams. “You are replanting that!”

“I am Megatron, apprentice of the Fallen, and I will not replant a weed.” Megatron defiantly said.

“A weed is a plant you don’t want in the garden.” Her mother lectures Megatron. “Once I rebuy them, you dig holes and put them in where I see fit!”

“She’s got a good argument.” Jess tells Megatron.

“I will not get my servos dirty for your green thumb.” Megatron refuses.

“Look, you coward,” Her mother pins her index finger straight at the war lord.  “I’ve watched three movies because my daughter forced me and if you refuse one more time; I will call the news station and then they will come! You will be MORE exposed to the US government than before.”

“Mom has the reporter’s phone numbers because she won a local garden competition.” Jess said.

“And you, missy!” Her mother turns towards Jess. “How long has he been there?”

Jess taps her fingers together.

“Since the crater.” Jess said, awkwardly. Then she slowly add in a whisper,  “So not perfect for a meme.”

“Sweety, a meme goes like this ‘I would go with you, but the danger is too big’.” Her mother said.  “And you, should be somewhere else that’s not close to my daughter! You are  Decepticon,  who is feared by many parents for their children’s safety.”

Megatron rolls an optic.

“I  did not choose to come here.” Megatron said. “Nor did I want to lose the Allspark, again.”

Her mother’s eyes widen, and then turn towards Jess.

“He’s from the first movie.” Her mother said.

Jess smiles a little.

“And he wants to go back.” Jess said. “He wants to go back home.”

“Isn’t that . .  .” Her mother is pretty much a worried parent at this rate.

“That’s the third movie, mom.” Jessica reminds her.

 Her mother turns her attention back to the warlord.

“Why are you still here?” Her mother asks.

“I have no-where else to go.” Megatron said. “And quite frankly, I’m trying to find a way to leave this horrid garage.”

“What makes a decepticon like you think our lives can be put on the line to help?” Her mother asks.

Megatron points to Jess.

“Her.” Megatron said, lowering his servo.  “I, as much as you do, hate this arrangement but it’s only temporay.”

“A ‘Megatron and The Transfan’ arrangement?” Her mother repeats. “Jess? You’ve fought your way to live through Chemo, what’s happened to you? You are just .  . .” She shook her hands. “Whatever happened to your life on the line?”

“He’s Megatron.” Jess said, shifting her direction to the giant robot.  “I may never, ever meet a Decepticon warlord face to face when I’m old and he’s gone.” Jess shifts towards her mothers direction. “So please don’t tell him to leave; we’ll find a scientist guy who knows what he’s doing or go to the area’s that are hot with a portal detected.”

Jess makes her begging eyes at her mother.

“. . .Fine.” Her mother said.  “But it’s only until he gets home.”

“I’m not planting those weeds.” Megatron flatly said.

“Yes you are.” Jess said, with a wide smile on her face. “I’ll make sure of it!”

Jess unnamed phone has a humiliating picture of Megatron in the garage using a tarp to shield the rain from his armor.

“Don’t show that to anyone!” Megatron cries out.  “I will not take a humiliating picture to ruin my image with one click.”

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