Bayverse - Megatron and The Transfan

It really wasn’t a usual day for Megatron.He hasn’t experienced a day ever since crashing into Earth then becoming frozen and studied by humans. Today the Allspark could finally be in his servos; so that four plans (yes, four) can come into play. The giant cybertronian jet like helicopter flew over the grassy plains to some side of the United States. The Autobots were heading somewhere that stumped him.|A Request for a Transfan who is obsessed with my stories. This ranges to 5 chapters, also,gist of this story is: Megatron comes to OUR universe,and somehow becomes Galvatron through some turn of events. Just read it.

(Stand alone)


5. Galvatron

  .  .  . July 21st. . .  .

 .  . . 2014 .  .  .

Galvatron may not have a spark, but he sure does remember Jess.

“Junkheap, we may not have many in numbers,” Galvatron’s pace is slow and steady.  “But I need someone to replace Starscream.”

The purple Decepticon with three shockwave heads (and three optics) sat down on a boulder. They were in some part of the forest belonging to Hong Kong; humans feared to attack them. Some new Decepticons feared these humans were finding a way to clean up their mess. Galvatron, on the other hand, had no fear. He had chosen wisely to tell his new army not to turn their energy signatures on.

“Why don’t I replace him?” Junkheap asks; his first head is doing the speaking. “It’s logical to have three processors and three times the view.”

Galvatron stops in his tracks.

“What’s your favorite color?” Galvatron asks, his head turned towards the purple Decepticon.

The few created Decepticons bumped into one another which make a domino effect where everyone fell back minus Galvatron and Junkheap. This made a slight air gust go through a forest behind them.The sparkless reborn Decepticon leader chose to ignore their fall.

“Is that a trick question?” Junkheap is startled by Galvatron’s question.

Galvatron sent a powerful, but serious glare at the three headed shockwave.

“Purple, red, green.” Junkheap answered.

“That’s three colors.” Galvatron said, putting down a square gray device across from his feet. “I have made my point.”

The new Decepticons get up on their feet. Galvatron shifts himself sideways to their direction. His optics narrows as though picking one of them to do something unusual. A few hadn’t finished being ‘molded’ technically speaking; you know, like becoming an individual with their own personalities and developing—what appears to be sparks—under recently added armor on their chest.

“The one who hasn’t gotten up yet,” Galvatron’s voice caught the attention of a ‘empty’ Decepticon. “Yes you, come here.”

The empty Decepticon pushes itself up on its two feet—its claw like feet are similar to thorns—and quickly headed to Galvatron.

“Are we going somewhere?” Junkheap asks. “Or are we going to follow after your brother—“

“No,” Galvatron’s voice made Junkheap stop. “It’s me and the unfinished Decepticon who are going. I have a ‘good’ idea who to ask.”

Junkheap scratches the top of his second helmet.

“Who?” Junkheap asks.

“None of your concern.” Galvatron said.

Galvatron takes a small device out from the top of his servo as the empty Decepticon came to his side.

“Do you have a voice box, yet?” Galvatron asks the empty Decepticon.

The empty Decepticon apparently hadn’t developed their voice box; hence their name.

“No then,” Galvatron said, as a twisted smile grew on his faceplate.  “Perfect.”

_____                           ______                            _____

  .  . December 31st  .   .  . 2014 . . .

 .  . . Not the Bayverse  .  .  . . 11:45 PM

 We see large, wide footprints and Sami-truck tracks in the snow. Our scene transfers to Jess’s house. Jess and her mother were over analyzing a video on youtube to keep their mind off the knowledge that in fifteen minutes it will be 2015. We can see the backyard has a retractable roof covered in snow and icicles.

“So who are the robots shooting the yellow and black autobot?” Jess’s mother asks.

“Vehicons, maybe.” Jess said with a loose shrug. Her eyes, which can be concluded as hazel because of being blue with golden dots at the edges, shine at her next thought. “Or maybe Decepticons!”

Her mother laughs, getting up from the table.

“I’m getting some hot chocolate; want some?” Her mother asks.

“Yes, please.” Jess said, with her Australian accent easily heard. Jess looks paler than she had been in September.

Her mother went to the kitchen.

The sound of a Sami-Truck pulling into the almost invisible drive-way stirred Jess’s attention. A large mechanical foot step followed behind the Sami-Truck, stopping clearly in the front yard. It had been two months since she heard a robotic sound belonging to a Transformer; other than hearing Micheal Bay got his contract renewed for another 3 years with Paramount.

Can this be happening?,Jess thought, This isn’t a dream. Jess paused the video.It must be happening, Jess reassures herself. Jess got up from the chair, went to the closet and opened the door. She took out a coat and two black boots. Jess found her dad’s pair of gloves—he worked for some one that required working on days that were inconvenient such as the last day of the year all night long—tucked inside her coat pocket.

Jess gets her boots on; first. Second, she got her coat on. Third, she starts getting the gloves on while heading to the door—leaving the closet door wide open--.

“Jess, I forgot to get the marshmallows from the basement!” Her mother calls out. “Hot Chocolate is going to be late.”

Her mother hated the basement---so she took her sweet time going in and out wary that a terrifying creature waited to kill her, and, she usually took a gun—more than losing her jewelry from left to right.

“Okay, mom!” Jess yells. “Love you!”

Jess went out the door, hoping to see who had come this time. When her mother was in the basement she couldn’t hear a thing from outside, logically. Jess stopped at the porch in the middle of putting gloves on. Her eyes were stuck on the vehicle. It seemed so long ago Megatron had actually stood in her presence, alive, with a spark.

“Do you have a hologram?” That was the first words out of her mouth.

“Used it all the way here.” Galvatron said, in his Sami-Truck mode.

“There’s snow on everyone’s window.” Jess said, as the empty Decepticon standing across from her went unnoticed.

Indeed, the neighborhood’s windows were covered so badly no one can see through it because of a snow storm a few days ago.

“So?” Galvatron asks.

“No one can see you.” Jess said, with a giggle. “Mom’s in the basement getting marshmallows.”

Galvatron transforms into his robot mode; the hazy, cloudy atmosphere made Galvatron a hundred times taller than he is supposed to be.

“.  . . Did Starscream die in your universe?” Jess asks, just to be sure.

“He did.” Galvatron confirms. “I have a three headed Decepticon whose interest’s conflict with its other heads.”

“I thought they shared one processor.” Jess said, in shock.

He shook his helm.

“They share one body, but three processors.” Galvatron said, with a sigh to himself.  “I need someone to replace Starscream.”

Jess stood there, having a blonde moment.

“Look to your right.” Galvatron instructs Jess.

Jess did as she had been told, and saw the empty Decepticon staring at her.

“Uh. . .” Jess’s eyes became huge.

“Remember when I said ‘If there was a chance you could become a cybertronian’,” Galvatron asks as Jess turns towards his direction. “I want you to take his place; you know more what humans can do, you know their weaknesses to pull them under extinction or convince them to let me take them over, you are good with convincing people, and I can go on.”

Jess covers her mouth overwhelmed by what Galvatron had told her.

“I need someone who I can trust.”  Galvatron said.

“I-I-I-I am flattered, Galvatron.” Jess said, and then clears her throat.  “But how do you plan to transfer me into .  .  .” Jess points to the standing empty Decepticon. “Whatever he’s called.”

Galvatron lowers himself to her level.

“That depends if you accept.” Galvatron taunts her.

“To know how you are going to do it?”  Jess repeats her question, her eyebrows raised up.

“Not just that,” Galvatron said. “But a life-span longer than humans.”

“And I might end up dying in three or two years because of the next battle.” Jess acknowledges, and then she laughs at herself wiping off a tear from her eye.

Galvatron let her comment slide, not wanting to know what she actually meant.

“You can operate on Junkheap and give him one processor, if you’ll like.” Galvatron offers.

Jess puts her hands—that are in gloves---together.

“Really?” Jess asks. “I can operate on a Decepticon without killing them?”

“They are made of .. . . .What do humans call this .  .  .” Galvatron had forgotten, or, he didn’t really know what they called their creation.

“Transformium.”  Jess finishes for him.

“I suppose that’s it.” Galvatron muses, seeing the shine in Jess’s eyes.

“I accept!” Jess proclaims. “I accept this opportunity!”

Galvatron turns his helm, and then he nods to the empty Decepticon.

“I want to know what kind of transfer this is going to be.”  Jess adamantly tells Galvatron.

The Empty Decepticon came to Galvatrons side.

“You’ll see. . .”  Galvatron’s optics flicker, briefly changing colors. “What would you prefer your Decepticon name to be?”

“Stardust.” Jess said, but eager to know how this transfer will proceed.’

Galvatron puts on servo on the Empty Decepticon’s foot and he puts one of his digits on Jess’s chest.

“I can bring life to others.” Galvatron reminds her.

“I’m aware of that; but the allspark GIVES the transformium a soul.” Jess argues back.

Galvatron lightly laughs in a way that would appear odd for a sparkless Decepticon like him.

“Jess.” Galvatron’s optics change color to a lighter hue of blue as did the digit on Jess’s chest. He knew this would go smoothly.  “You are the soul.”

We see her briefly tilt her head, processing what Galvatron had said.

“Oooh.” Jess said. “I get it! Go ahead. I’m not scared.”

Galvatron’s optics briefly power off as we see the vivid light blue outline of Jess’s body go through Galvatorn’s digit then through his shoulders, and surged through his other arm to the Empty Decepticon shell. The blue hue disappeared around Jess’s body. Galvatron tips the lifeless body backwards on the porch.

  The blue electrical current—technically Jess’s soul—went into the empty Decepticon shell.

“Rise up, Stardust.” Galvatron stood up. A sizzle went off in the neck of the shell. “You can’t stand there configuring that shell for an megacycle.” Galvatron rubs his forehelm. He knew she would be confused after arriving into the shell. “It’s instant; let it happen, it’s your soul this body is carrying, and your spark.”

The parts of a female seeker came to sight; dark gray armor stood out from the hazy foggy and snowy background. A hint of silver—not very bright—is seen at various parts of the shell. Galvatron rolls his optics then  touches her incomplete shoulder muttering,  ‘Need a little boost making it final.’  Long, almost sharp seeker wings appeared on her back. A Decepticon symbol flashed brightly on the top of her helmet.

The foggy, light gray fog parted ways from the complete femme.

“Wow.” Stardust fell back. She landed in the snow. “My bad.”

“So your favorite vehicle is a jet?” Galvatron asks, actually startled her vehicle of choice was something not what he had expected.

Stardust pulled herself upright from the snow.

“I was thinking of something better.”  Stardust groans. She feels her forehead. “Ow, it’s hot.”

“Ignore the pain, and the pain will leave.” Galvatron said.  “The symbol burning is not what I had expected to happen.”

“Well what did you expect?”  Stardust asks, glaring at the leader.

Galvatron looks down at her lifeless human body.

“Nothing fancy, really.” Galvatron said, then looks back to her.  “This must be awkward standing outside of your body as a cybertronian.”

“Man-made Decepticon.” Stardust corrects him. “And it does feel odd .  .  . I suppose mother will think I died of boredom.”

Galvatron held his hand out for the femme.

“No,” Galvatron said, as he helped Stardust up.  “For all she knows, you died by unexplained circumstances.” 

Stardust looks down to her former life, then back to Galvatron

“This better be action packed and worth the transfer!” Stardust swore.  “And working with you; that will be a highlight.”

Galvatron helps Stardust walk—because she’s new to the body of a Transformer—away from the house she once lived in. Since most of the new Decepticons are cars it would be odd to have a jet flying above them . . . unless Stardust scanned another vehicle to keep herself disguised. This was the story of Megatron and a Transfan. The story that ended ‘happily ever after’: sort of.

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