Two people shunned from the social median meet in a park. Talking leads to friendship and that friendship leads to love. Watch as the love between these two teenagers blooms when everything comes "Naturally".


7. ...(Eric's P.O.V)

I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess from rolling around and struggling, my eyes were red with tears and not to mention my left eye was bruised and black from the punches. The cuts that littered my body hurt like hell.

But after it all Jamie had left. That I was happy for. My older brother and I had a mutual hatred for each other. Though were as I would rather throw insults, he would hit, punch, scratch and kick.

A walk to the park after the fight cleared my head and I sighed, sitting down underneath a large tree. The whole park was empty, bar one girl walking through, to probably get home.

I watched her carefully. Wait! It's the girl I bumped into and saw in the school! I stood up and ran over to her tugging on her hoodie. "Excuse me, but um we've met before and I just wanted to get your name" I said awkwardly.

She watched me with concern in her amazing red eyes. "Samantha, but call me Sammie" she said quickly. "Now what happened to your eye?" She asked. She reached up to touch it and I jerked back.

"Oh it's nothing, just a little rough and tumble, my names Eric by the way" I smiled. My eye still hurt, and I just met the girl, kinda, so I didn't want to worry her.

"It seems I interrupted you walking somewhere, so I'll run on, it was loving to finally put a name to a face Sammie" I called as I ran away, making sure to cover my eye.

I turned back to look at her walk away. I really hoped she didn't worry about me.

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