Rebel '8'

♦She's a rebel, She's a saint, She's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous♦


2. T w o

T w o Jennie’s POV

After school, I headed to Liam’s house.

The whole crew was already there.

“Jennie!” Sloan shouted when she saw me, wrapping her arms around me as we hugged.

“Sloan, how are you?” I asked.

“Good Haha,” She said and took a seat on the couch.

“What about you boys?” I chuckled, sitting down next to Liam.

“Pretty good,” Zayn smirked. “Had a good shag last night.”

I looked over at Sloan who was covering her face with her hands.

“TMI!” I laughed.

“You got a new tattoo, I see,” Liam teased, tickling my sides.

“Oh my god, Liam!” I shook my head. “But yeah, I got a new tat.”

“Lemme see,” He said.

“Fine.” I rolled up my sleeve and showed the group my new tattoo.

“Damn, it looks good,” Zayn said.

“Better than good,” Sloan added.

We talked some more and then decided to call it a night and we said our goodbyes.   Notes

Hope you like:) - B r i a n n a

(also this is being uploaded from my original site I post from so there's a few of us writing together!)

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