Rebel '8'

♦She's a rebel, She's a saint, She's the salt of the earth and she's dangerous♦


1. O n e

O n e

I jogged down the halls after having a little 'talk' with some grade nine guy, I quickly ducked into the toilets to clean myself up a bit and headed back out again before I burst through the door causing everyone to look up but quickly looked down when they realized it was me, I looked at my stupid teacher.

"Ah, Sloan, finally" I flipped the finger at him and made my way through the desks up to the back.

"Oi kid, you're in my spot"

"I-I'm sorry" The nerd got up and went a desk over, I sat down crossing my legs and taking my phone out of my bag.

"Sloan, get off your phone now" I looked up to see Mr Kent staring down on me.

"Yes sir" I saluted him as he walked off.

"Now kids" Mr Kent babbled on about something and I sat there texting my boyfriend Zayn.

After school finished, I went to the car-park to see people surrounding someone .Zayn. I smiled and walked towards everyone, they backed up so I could see my beautiful boy, we didn't say anything, he just handed me my helmet and I jumped on the back and we sped off.

Once we got to Liam's house, I jumped off and stood there in front of Zayn, He walked closer almost closing the gap between us, I wrapped my arms around his inked neck and pulled him closer to close the gap, his lips sweet, our lips moved in sync.

"Oi faggots! Get in here!" We jumped apart to see Louis leaning out the door, I looked at Zayn and grabbed his hand pulling him into the house.

"Okay, guys get packin, this shit doesn't pack themselves" We were all sat around the dining table weighing and packing weed and cocaine, I decided to sit in the living room waiting for Jennie to get here, I heard the door open and close and I saw her dark brown hair pop in the doorway.

"Jennie" I said running to her hugging her tightly, she did the same.

"Sloan, how are you?" She asked while we walked back to the kitchen.

"Good haha" I said taking a seat on Zayn.

"What about you boys?" She asked sitting next to Liam, we all chatted for awhile before everyone started to leave, Zayn dropped me off at home, we kissed and I made my way inside, I ran up the stairs to my room, exhausted I flopped onto my bed, I was just about to sleep before I heard someone singing, I got up and walked to my window to see that nerd kid walking around with no top on wait how can a nerd have a body like that and can he sing, after his light went out, I got undressed and chucked on my Black Veil Brides top on, and headed to bed.       Notes

Well hello there!

Okay whatcha think!?

S u b s c r i b e

C o m m e n t

R a t e

~L i v~

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