God Forbid

The biggest threat of all is the threat you love.


5. Chapter Four

C h a p t e r   F o u r 

Mind maze


It may be hard to forget, in this happy part of our story, that I am the prince of Hell and that this story does not have a happy ending. So yes; God loved Lucifer and Lucifer loved God.

It was perfect, quite literally.

But God had a nag.

God remembered what had first drawn him to Lucifer. He remembered Lucifer's intelligence, he remembered the words that had shaped the first, glowing draft of their love.

Even as they shared their lives - their being, their souls and wonders and beauty - God thought. He thought about how perfect Lucifer was, how miraculous, and he wondered what would happen if he did better.

If he tried again.

God began to work. As he worked, he drifted away from Lucifer, spending more time in his mind, alone. No love, however great, could follow him here.

Lucifer told me of a time when God left him for the comfort of creation.

They were walking together upon the soil of the earth. Animals bowed down to God as they passed, and fed, fearless from Lucifer's hand. Lions backed away from the two greatest beings in existence in ardent worship and fear, lambs shivering close by their claws. 

Lucifer and God were discussing light. 

Lucifer held his hand towards a ray of sunlight. "Light is perhaps among my favourite of your creations, Lord."

God smiled. "That is good." He paused. "But I sense you are... dissatisfied?"

Lucifer nodded, worry creasing his sculpted face. "Light holds such beauty, Lord. Why would you create the shadows?" And he gestured towards the looming dark of distant volcanoes.

God remained quiet for some time. When he spoke, his voice was slow. Ponderous. "I did not create the shadows. Light created them." 

Lucifer nodded slowly, but then shook his head. "I do not understand, Lord. Please, explain this to me."

But God did not answer him. He'd stilled, gazing at the most perfect area on earth; a sanctuary he'd created. He spoke as though Lucifer was no longer there. "This is very empty."

After that, God did not answer Lucifer for many days.

This happened many times, the periods of their parting becoming longer and longer, and finally, Lucifer confronted God. It was when the other, meaningless angels had disappeared, leaving only God and Lucifer in the endless garden of Heaven. Lucifer leaned into God, curving towards him like a lover and a servant. God placed a hand on his head.

"Something troubles you, Lucifer. I hear it in your head. I assure you; there is nothing to be afraid of."

Lucifer stiffened in the grasp of light. "I am not afraid, Lord."

"Then what is it that troubles you, Lucifer?" 

"You leave me, Lord. Where do you go? What holy thing could tear us apart?"

God smiled. "Only something perfect, Lucifer."

Lucifer felt ice jab his heart. "But you claim there is no race more lustrous than mine."

God ran the words through his mind. "But perfection is as attainable as something unattainable. Come with me, Lucifer. Let me show you what I am creating. There has never been anything so perfect."

​Lucifer put on a mask of happiness, and took the hand that God offered him.

"I anticipate seeing the thing you could love more than me, Lord." 

God did not hear the agony in Lucifer's words as he busied himself preparing his greatest creation. 



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