Best wish (a 1D fanfic)

3 year old Alexa Janes didn't grow up normally. Her mom was a typical teen mom and her dad a lazy drunk.
She was raised by her grandmother Jenna and her adopted or half older sister Hope.
She found joy in music, all kinds. K-pop, j-pop and anything she heard.
One day there was a TRAGIC accident.... Read more to find out what happened


3. Elementary School- Yes and no just it came and went

"Good morning Ms. Helen." I said skipping into the fifth grade class. My long curly hair was put  into a braid my sister hope did just before leaving for the bus. My outfit consisted of a long white skirt, a blue shirt and my flats. 

"HEY ALEXA!" My best friend Alyssa Kenny yelled from our desk in the back of the room. Since the day when I was three and went to the Kenny's for Christmas, Alyssa and I have been really good friends! 

"Hey Allie, is piano and vocal lessons today after school? Or is your sister too busy today?" I asked. Maria has been giving me vocal and piano lessons for 7 years almost. 

"Oh yeah she said come over after you inform your grandma and sister that you are coming over." 

We no longer lived with our parents, Hope and I. Because, one day in kindergarten my mom left me unattended near the lake by the school while she chatted with another mom about how I was a no good piece of shiz, and I fell in. I went into a comma for three weeks. I woke to find out that my mom and dad went to court to win us kids back from my Nana. Of course they lost, but they see us every weekend for three hours a day.

"Okay I will!" Today was the day! I got to learn a new song. 

  That was then though...


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