Best wish (a 1D fanfic)

3 year old Alexa Janes didn't grow up normally. Her mom was a typical teen mom and her dad a lazy drunk.
She was raised by her grandmother Jenna and her adopted or half older sister Hope.
She found joy in music, all kinds. K-pop, j-pop and anything she heard.
One day there was a TRAGIC accident.... Read more to find out what happened


2. Christmas Day (age 3)

As I sat watching my older sister Hope build a snowman, I heard something coming from a neighboring household.

A beautiful sound. Something small at first but as I concentrated more on the sound, it was a song.


The neighbors were playing music.

The Kenny's were gathered around an old, worn grand piano.

I stood on my tip toes watching as they sang songs of joy, hope and faith. I started humming to a song I faintly remembered singing a while back.


I sat in front of our grandmother Jenna's house. My older sister Hope was walking down the road, a backpack on her back and a smile on her face. It was late October and the coldish air stung my teared face. I had been crying for a while.

My sister saw me and started running. Her light brown hair blowing in the air, her smile fell into a frown and her slow calm walking pace became a sprint

She noticed the red around my eyes, and the marks on my arms. Our parents didn't hate me but mom was young and dad has 8 other kids. So I always go unnoticed. 

"My goodness Allie! What did mom do to you this time?!" Hope said super worried.

"M-Momma hit m-me for s-singing again!" I cried. Our mom hated music. She forbid us from singing in, near or around the house. But, Jenna and I went into the woods to sing.

"How did she hear you?" She asked holding me tight.

"I-I thought she was sleeping. B-But then she got up and smacked me! Mommy hates me!" I cried. She took my hand and told me to follow her into the woods.

"Come on I learned a new song today for the holidays." She smiled and we went together to sing the song "Deck the halls"


The eldest daughter of the Kenny's, Maria, walked to the door. Her hair was tucked behind her ears and her eyes were kind and welcoming. 

"Oh, why hello Alexa. Did you want something?" She asked as she handed me her hand so I could get up out of the snow.

"U-Uhm well y-you see... I just heard the music a-and momma doesn't let me sing. S-so could I sing with you please?" She smiled and lead me inside. 

That is how the better part of my life started.

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