Spells of Time and Space

harry potter/doctor who crossover
The Doctor comes to Hogwarts because he was sent a ditress signal saying that something bad and terrible hapoens on a specific date so he goes back in time weeks before it happens. there he meets someone who he thought he would never see again and who could destroy the whole universe but could save him. Read to see what happens to everyone at Hogwarts, to The Doctor, and the bad guys.


4. Hogwarts Dinner Announment

As Hermione and I hurried up the steps to the great hall where everybody gathers together to eat and to listen to announment made by the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, to catch up with the guys, we ran into Draco Malfoy. "Look where you're going, Mudblood." He smired and then walked away. I started to pull out my wand but Hermione grabbed my hand to stop me. "Don't, Kate. He isnt worth it." I looked at her and smiled. "Youre right. Lets go find the boys." We walked into the hall and sat down just as Proffessor Dumbledore stood up. " Welcome back to another great year at Hogwarts and welcome our first years." As he was talking i noticed someone at the head table and i stared at him. then i jerked back to what Dumbledore was saying. "This year the position of Defense Against the Dark Art post will be filled by Proffessor John Smith." The man i noticed stood up and said thank you. He sounded socttish. I grabbed Hermione arm. She gasped. "What is it? Are you ok?" i said,"Remember that nightmare i had on the train. That guy was in it." She had a shocked expression on her face. "What does that mean?" " I dont know. i am scared mione." She said it would be fine and that we would find out about it later but now it is time to eat and relax. I tried but when i looked up proffessor John Smith was staring straight at me.

After supper we all went back to our houses. Ron and Harry talking loudly about Quidditch with Seamus and Dean, Hermione and Ginny giggling about something, and Ian and I talking about the new proffessor. "So do you think his class will be fun or boring as everyone else?" He looked at me but i wasnt paying any attention because at that moment i was sure i saw something move. "Ian i have to go." he stared at me." Kate you know we have to go straight to our houses after supper." "Sorry but i have to do this." I walked away and after about 15 minutes if trying to find whatever moved i ran smack into someone and papers went flying everywhere. I bend down and started gathering up papers. "I am so sorry. i wasnt paying attention." " No problem." i froze. That voice, i know that voice. I looked up and straight into the brown eyes that belong to Proffessor John Smith. I stood there staring until he asked for the papers i was holding. "Oh right. sorry." He looked at me. " so will you be taking my class this year, miss..." " Katherine Holmes but all my friends call me Kate and yes i will be taking your class." He smiled. " So what house do you live in?" "Gryffindor. well i should pribably go to my dorm before i get in trouble. goodnight peoffessor Smith." "Goodnight, Holmes." when i got to my house i went to the bathroom and i couldnt stop blushing.

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