Spells of Time and Space

harry potter/doctor who crossover
The Doctor comes to Hogwarts because he was sent a ditress signal saying that something bad and terrible hapoens on a specific date so he goes back in time weeks before it happens. there he meets someone who he thought he would never see again and who could destroy the whole universe but could save him. Read to see what happens to everyone at Hogwarts, to The Doctor, and the bad guys.


5. first morning of school

I woke up to screaming and yelling. i jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to find Ian and Ron aguring with each other. As soon as i saw them i paused. Ian was blue from head to toe while Ron was as red as his hair and they were about to throw punches when I stomped over there to them and grabbed their ears and dragged them over to the couch. "How the hell can anybody get any sleep if you two are shouting at each other?" I bellowed at them which made them shut up and stare at me.

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