Two different souls.

What if you were related to one part of the biggest boy bands in the world? No one knows about you because you aren't on very good terms with each other, but it is only because of assumptions. He assumes you're anorexic, while in all reality you aren't, you have IBS. You assume he wouldn't be interested or care, when he always has and always will. One day Darcy Fiona Horan is forced to go on tour with her brother and his band mates. What will happen?


1. Prolouge


I am Darcy Fiona Horan. My fisrt name means dark-haired or descendant of the dark one. My middle name means fair, white, beautiful. I don't under stand why my mum put those together but i suit them both. I have very dark brown hair that could be called black ,Pale nearly white skin ,i am supposedly very pretty ,i have no blemishes or freckles ,and i am scene/goth. I cut and have IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) and because of that i am very skinny or as people say skin and bones. It has been rumored that i am anorexic and everyone believes it except my mother and Greg who are the only ones who know about my IBS. When ever Niall visits i try to stay in my room so we don't fight. He has always been the one fought with ,never Greg only Niall. He is coming home tomorrow so i am gathering snacks for my hide out but i hear the door open and hear his voice echo through out the house

"Hellooo?"  I stay quiet and try to creep out of thr kitchen know it would be the first place he would look. I have my single small packet of oreo's but i bump in to him of course

"Hi Darce" he says quietly and i scoot past him but he quickly grabs my fore arm and i turn around and look at him annoyed

"What!" i say forcefully and pull my arm away

"If your going to hide out in your room for the whole time i'm here you may as well stock up" He says and picks up arm fulls of food walking to me but i walk away and run to my room. I can't tell him why i won't eat because he isn't close enough to trust and i know he may be my brother but he is still so distant and always has been. 

I run into my room shutting the door and locking it. Like normal. And play my night core ,dub step ,metal play list aka my whole iPod , on my iPod rack and jump around the room i hear knocking at my door so i open it to see niall with empty suit cases.

"PACK" he says and walks away. I start packing still curious why. i walk down stairs but stop at the sound of my mum and Niall talking.

"Why is she staying with me i'm scared i won't be able to take care of her properly" niall says with worry in his voice

"Because her life here is obviously not happy. She has tried to commit suicide for the eighth time last week since you were last here" mum says sorrow threaded through her voice

"But mum you know we don't get along very we-" Niall says, me cutting them off by walking in

"WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST TELL ME MUM I AM NOT JUST YOUR LITTLE PETTY PROJECT THAT YOU NEED TO TRY AND MAKE BETTER I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH MUM WHAT DO YOU THINK I ACCEPTED THE FACT I HAVE MY SYMPTOMS FOR!?!?!?!?!?!?!" i shout my words full of hurt of  not being trusted. and i stomp of furiously tears threatening to escape my eyes. Niall follows me to my room but i just slam my door in his face. He opens my door and i just lay face down on my bed slightly crying. as he sits down making my bed slump.

"Darce lo-" he says as i interrupt him again

"DON'T CALL ME DARCE" i snap and turn my head towards him before quickly put my face back on my pillow.

"Darcy ,look we want you to come on tour with me and my band so you can get away from this havoc" he said rubbing my knee

"DON'T YOU SEE. I CAN HANDLE THIS IT'S JUST SOMETHING YOU WILL NEVER KNOW ABOUT ME" i say and run to my bathroom and sit right behind the shut door and feel niall pushing the door open easily moving me too because of my skinniness

"Don't fight it darcy ,we are leaving tomorrow ok? You can meet the boys" he says and i can sence the small smile in his voice and he leaves slowly and stand up suddenly feeling tired and i collapse on my bed falling asleep almost instantly


What do ya think. Is it ok? it is probably terrible for my first chapter aha But ANYWAY hope ya liked please comment your opinions below and vote XD BYE MY FELLOW PENGUINS

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